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Congratulations!!! to Sam & Vince - HK boyz :)

There was a final leg of TARA3 last night. First, I quite worried about Sam & Vince coz they got penalty 4 hours behind other teams....but when the program ran for half and hour, I knew that Sam & Vince had a chance to catch up others...Yeah!!!

All the ways of the race, I pray to GOD for Sam & Vince, please help them to be the winner....and finally...they are!!!!  Woo...Thanks GOD!!!

So, I' m very happy that they achieved their goal...and I knew that both of them would be acc...Read more

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Bye bye Henry & Bernie...

I have to say good bye to Henry & Bernie, the racers from Malaysia, on Episode 8 of The Amazing Race Asia Season 3.

First feeling about Henry & Bernie....when I saw their audition video which took at their home, I thought I was interested this couple, they could touch me...but I was stuck with speech of Bernie about "They don't come to have friend, they come to win" (something like that) I thought that Yeah..every team come to win but you didn't necessary to say "don't come to have frie...Read more

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Finally, Thai team have been eliminated from the race...on Leg 5. I know Thai people felt sad coz our Thai team have been eliminated last night. For me just a little bit sorry that they were not patient enough to try until the last minute. If they still continue the race, it would be Non eliminate round. (NEL) But okay they tried their best becoz at least i can see that they don't give up to try to turn on 1,000 cd. and Luck was not with them...

Oh..I know that last night Mai & Oliver did somthing not proper to other team, Henry&am...Read more

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Addict to The Amazing Race Asia!

First of all, I have to tell that my grammar sucks, so I try to write in English...hope all of you understand what I write...hehehe  :)

Hi everyone, I am addict to the reality program on AXN named "The Amazing Race Asia". I started watching this program last year, The Amazing Race Asia season 2. First, I think "Allan Wu" is the first person that attracted  my eye..He's so cool!!!  Besides, there was one Thai team represented my country, Paula & Natasha, they are so beautiful, sexy and attra...Read more

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Hello everybody!

I come from Thailand. I know that most of you aren't Thai. So...if you don't mind please accept me to be your friend and feel free to talk to me.  :)


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My blog has been launched

Welcome to my profile...I open this blog not long ago.  I hope you like this blog and I'll be posting some fresh and interesting things to share with you.

Feel free to talk to me and let's all share together!

Nice to know you,

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I am waiting for The Amazing Race Asia season 4, and love to see Allan Wu's activities via Alive Not Dead.com :)

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