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TeamValkyrie every Wednesday~

初五開年~練完翻練鎗? ?

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Haven't tried these moves for awhile. Time to get back to them ??

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之前拍的微電影可以看了,有興趣的朋友可以看一下? Some screencap from a short film I helped with earlier ? http://www.microfilm-music.hk/video/microfilm-2017-9/

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Happy Lunar New Year~ ?? 恭喜發財!祝大家雞年身體健康!大吉大利!出入平安!etc etc ~~~ Lol 總之開開心心啦~??

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Usual Wednesday night #TeamValkyrie ?

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Lazy day, lazy training, basics only... and maybe I'll try to throw someone ?

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Won a bunch at the AIA Carnival this year ?✌follwed by some celebratory Shin-chan theme dim sum and beer. 今年AIA大豐收,赢咗好多公仔吖~ 玩完食番D小新點心醫肚~?

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今日練翻+練鎗. 明天要俾隻腳休息吓la...

Trickstation ? then #TeamValkyrie ? Gotta let my leg rest up tomorrow...

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Been awhile. Back to practice ? 佢地話我啱練做"?衝型"shooter喎~? 咁我跑lor~ ? #TeamValkyrie

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Something Different

I got typecast A LOT as the nice innocent harmless characters: Office associates, Assistant, Nurse... but since I started taking Thai Boxing for fun with a friend at the beginning of this year, I seem to be on a strike for something a bit more fun!

Recently appeared in the mini web drama "Forever Kiss" briefly. I was again just another office associates, but guess what, somehow I got a fight scene in it!

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