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Out of town for a bit. Be back on 15th 15號回港 (๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ)

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今晚練哩D?۹(๑•̀ω•́ ๑)۶ 我散啦~ My arms are jelly now...


P.S. GIF圖好好玩?

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One of my favorite girl is getting married soon~~~ I'm so excited for you~ xoxo ❤?

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May 4th. Stealing someone's lightsaber again ?

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Bonus video from last night. 練咗成晚,試吓用長短鎗打course ? Thanks #TeamValkyrie Special thanks to Jason for being the DOP?

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Drilling specific moves for both flipping? and shooting? today. 練翻(#Trickstation) + 練鎗(#TeamValkyrie) 練習就係要重複N次? 我散啦~ 頑張ります!

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Woke up at 7 to train with this one on a Saturday morning? Body feels meh. Trying out new weapon and keep working on some old stuff...

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《拆彈專家》上畫啦!江sir team 貝兒報到!? 今次我終於做軍裝啦~ 我尋日睇咗,真係值得睇,宜家等出碟去買?❤快D去睇啦~ Shockwave is out!! Check it out my friends~ xoxo

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Been awhile since I last trained with those 2 guns, time to get back to it ? 好耐無練哩兩枝鎗? 頑張ります! #TeamValkyrie

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