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BabyJane as Christmas Elf?

A super belated update......


This is back in really early November... or a coulpe weeks ago

But I actually had my first Christmas Party this year back in early December in Central because of a random freelance job I got in November.

Basically the talents have to dress up as chrismtas elf (which I still don't see how was I an elf in that green mermaid suit with a Thai-ish headdress..... )

But Anyway~~~...Read more

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I want to swim!

Was chasing my cat around the house when I found some boxes under the bed all dusty and stuff... (I really need to clean up my room thoroughly......)

But guess what I found in one of the boxes!!

Champion Cups from Highschool!! then I dug up most of the medals etc I got from swimming competitions....

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Jason Stunt Show!!

Well it was Jason's birthday on Friday, and he pull off a little stunt show for us  .................somehow he ended up in an excavator machine....

LOL~ Happy Bi...Read more

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Baby Jane is a Hugger <3

There was a small gathering last night for AIDS concern, and a little surprise celebration for T's Birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY T~~!!!!!!!!!!![](/attachments/2009/05/19/13/105067_200905191335211.thumb.jpg)We got a nice cake and everything (O, btw, the cake is really good ), and as usual, all the girls are like " I want to take a picture with T~~" and when it's my turn to take a pic...Read more

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Anniversary + Karaoke Night

Ok, I know this took me awhile to put this up, but com'on, I didn't even have my camera with me that day, gotta wait a bit to take pictures from others 



Great shows~ and it's always great to see all the AnD people around Gloria and I danced onstage during the Jiu Jo Aids Concern Remix AGAIN!!!

This time Mio joined us (Thank...Read more

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Stage Acting vs Film Acting

zzz..... sleepy sleepy.... I have my excuse for being so tired though!!

Last week, I've been shooting a short film with JuJu and Michael for I Shot HK. (Thanks JuJu again, for recommending me )  We almost got shooting every single day, from the previous Sunday to yesterday... I'm completely exhausted and afraid of makeup at the moment....

But yea.. it was my first time acting for camera. I had a lot of fun working on i...Read more

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John Legend Concert + WET Party

zzz... I'm still tired from Friday night..... LOL~ not enough dinner, too much fun Anyway~ John Legend was AWESOME!!! x10

He's SO good on stage!!!! Me and Gloria ran up to the front half way through the concert to have a better view, and dance of coz . My camera is horrible, but managed to got a few OK shots. (Eugene Yau got a lot more better pics of the concert)

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KiKi @Backstage

KiKi's band Eccentric was performing in the Backstage Live Restaurant with three other bands last night: Tonick, Ignite the Hope, and Killersoap.  To be honest, given how talented the groups are, there really should be a lot more audience.  O well, they were still amazing tho. Great night!!!

It's actually the first time for me to see Kiki sings onstage, absolutely gorgeous! (hehe, somehow I was reminded of the anime NANA while watching them perform.. Read more

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Hehe, I'm afraid of snakes and just reptiles most of the time, but those that are at the wild safari party on thursday night are simply beautiful~ and they are soooo nice~ like a pet~ well... they are pets....... well, I just ended up playing with them for most of the night Read more

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Macau + Backstage

DJ Fly @Venetian, Macau last Thursday, and Marsha @Backstage on Saturday.  I ended up going to both events, fun, but now my cold is still not clear... and I'm SUPER exhausted yesterday, literally slept through the whole day....zzzz

now I am awake enough to blog~ LOL

hm... I'm awake... but still I don't know what to type...... o well, pictures time~ Read more

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