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Hehe, I somehow managed to finish the costume in time!

Rushed through the main piece in the weekend and a little bit every night after work, and here's the finished piece!

BabyJane as Pikachu this year!!

I said I might be a mouse or pikachu last year,...Read more

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Suddenly decided that I want to make myself some funny looking Onigiri (Japanese Rice Ball) for lunch at work

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Summer IFF + JCCA Opening

2 Press Conferences back to back this week!


Wednesday night - Summer IFF Opening at the Grand (Elements)

Opening film this year is "All About Love" with Vivian Chow in it!! She hasn't been on screen for SO LONG!  and she's SO pretty in person There was so ...Read more

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A video that put a smile on my face =)

2 points to be made clear

1)    I'm not a big fan of Super Junior

2)    Guys are probably not going to like this, so just skip it if you want


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnMoDDbEccE

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Can someone please tell me why would anyone eat shark fin?

Just got this in my mail box... and I just need to post it here.....



日期:大年初二. 時間:第一潛後SIT時. 當時同行之友在淺灘發現它後一心以為只是走失母鯨之小鯨,

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Let's prank HK!



This is going to be AWESOME! I'm so doing it. Let's hope that the organizer is not going to quit last minute (*finger crossed)

Some successful examples from NY & Sydney:

Video: Read more

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Coca-Cola "Happiness Machine"

LOL~! Nice!!

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Last Day of 2009

Late blog...

But better late then never

I was actually working all day on NYE for different projects...

  1. A quick shooting for a local movie (I'm an extra, so it was really worth blogging, but I just like the Christmas outfit they put me in   Hehe, back to Christmas again!!)

  2. Run (literally) back to Kwun Tong for a meeting that I've been following for about 2 weeks by that time (It's ac...Read more

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Another Belated update (I was busy!!!!.... and lazy... )


Most of you know about this, but I was involved with the production Jasmine by Dax awhile ago, with Jason as the lead, starring Eugenia, Byron, and Sarah (all alivenotdead artist)

It's a really good experience as I've never done a featured film before.

Working on the wardrobe for a film is so much more difficult than theatre!!! Totally drove me crazy at f...Read more

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