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Hello Everyone,

Been awhile since I last properly blog here huh? Well, lets kick this back up with something a little bit more interesting, and right on time for summer!

I have always been skinny, but I never quite like the idea of just being skinny. So for anyone who's been following me on facebook etc, you would have noticed that I picked up a few exercises for various reasons - a new skill set to showcase for work, keep my stamina up, and one of my main reasons, have a more healthy pleasant looking body shape.

Exercising definitely helps me to put on muscles here and there, keep me from looking too weak and bony, but for some genetic disadvantages that I am born with, all the workout still can't get some specific parts of my body to look the way I desire, one of those being my waist...

I know~ You're all gonna go "Your waist is tiny already!!" Yes it is tiny, in number, BUT it doesn't look so in proportion to the rest of my body. I have a relatively short torso for my height, my rib cage is almost touching my pelvis (NOT exaggerating, they really are just ~2 inches apart) and thus doesn't allow me to have that hourglass dip around my waistline from afront. So, when I was introduced to the idea of the "I-Healthy Treatment" by SKINMAX, I was more than excited to try it out.

From what I heard from their team member and the therapist they assigned to me, the treatment will be done with a machine for 30mins. It will be controlled by the therapist, to basically give me a massage around my belly part, to help achieve a more aesthetically pleasing waistline, while enhancing my blood circulation and metabolism rate. Sounds awesome, let's do it! (Who wouldn't want a good massage? and it will make me prettier?!? YES! ?)

When you're about to get your treatment started, they will provide you with robe, tube dress, or even disposable undergarment so that you can relax and enjoy the treatment without getting the massage oil etc on your own clothing.

For the I-Healthy treatment, the therapist will apply massage cream on the area of application before rubbing the machine on you.

There were 2 parts to my experience of I-Healthy. The first part, the machine will be vibrating a bit more, so it feels like you are getting a nonstop light patting, the second part will give a more suction feeling. Both resemble the feeling you get from a proper massage. But with the machine warming up to approximately your body temperature, together with a more stable patting or tightening feeling wherever the therapist is directing it to go, it was definitely a pleasant relaxing experience. (I could snooze off from it if I wasn't so curious and keep trying to get a better look at how the thing works. )

Absolutely love the result I got from the treatment. On top of that, SKINMAX will provide their customers with a sweet herbal tea after the treatment to complete this relaxing experience. Thanks guys! Can't wait for my next visit!

So, for those of you who are interested in the treatment itself, want to know more about it, or see what other things they offer at SKINMAX, check out their website here: http://skinmax.hk/

xoxo Jane

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