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Other girls got pom pom to go with their cheerleader outfits. I got put into one for a film project, and they gave me a 1911 and crowbar to fight with? 其他女仔着得啦啦隊衫,通常都拎彩球靚靚咁。我拍戲難得着啦啦隊造型,劇組就安排埋枝手鎗同鐵撬俾我拎去打交~ 啱哂我~??

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New team shirt to celebrate the 1st Anniversary for #MasterShootingCenter! 新會衫慶祝#MSC 一週年?? Sorry I can't be there tonight guys, gotta go work now ? I'll be back for training real soon! xoxo

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Hello Everyone,

Been awhile since I last properly blog here huh? Well, lets kick this back up with something a little bit more interesting, and right on time for summer!

I have always been skinny, but I never quite like the idea of just being skinny. So for anyone who's been following me on facebook etc, you would have noticed that I picked up a few exercises for various reasons - a new skill set to showcase for work, keep my stamina up, and one of my main reasons, have a more healthy pleasant looking body shap...Read more

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Hey Guys! 我之前去左SKINMAX試吓個I-Healthy 細胞生育系統 treatment,等我係哩到開心SHARE吓~

大家一定覺得我咁瘦仲做咩啊!雖然我係瘦,但其實我不幸地係腰線唔明顯嗰類人(腰短…)? 而I-Healthy設有4個針對不同厚度脂肪類型的智能程式,而每一個智能程式都有活化細胞的功效,利用(生育光線)charge-up,活化細胞,促進身體代謝循環令脂肪不易堆積同時將老舊廢物,水分,乳酸及有害毒素排出體外,達到收緊及強化皮膚表皮層,提升皮膚緊實度,但最令到我心郁郁想試既原因係咩哩~收腰!

做緊個時會FEEL到個治療頭慢慢變暖暖地,好舒服ka !全程無痛好Relax ! 做療程既位置做完之後有啲紅,但係我轉頭已經散哂,重點係腰線真係明顯咗好多!!明顯係緊緻左, 線條更加突出!! Can't wait for my next visit! 臨走前仲有紅棗茶飲tim~❤

☎查詢熱線: 2265 0977 / 6616 2218 (whatsapp) 想了解更多SKINMAX的I Healthy細胞生育系統療程資料 可以到SKINMAX的Facebook或網站了解更多啦。 Website: Read more

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Finally got to see the finished product of a short film I did earlier this year. It's a period drama set in Macau, produced by a group of MFA students from HKAPA. Have to say it's quite an ambitious choice, but they pulled it off well. I love the costumes, details and all hard work they put into this project to bring out the 1940s elements. Good Job everyone! ❤

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Did a PR shoot for NanFung Place Shopaholic Fever couple days ago ??

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Won my first Airsoft IPSC medal this weekend at the 2018 MMC Championship Round 1!!! Got 2nd place in C Class Standard! Woohoo!!! ??? 星期六打嗰個氣鎗IPSC比賽,我贏咗Standard C Class第二名吖~~ 多謝 #MasterShootingCenter for everything! 另外多謝Eddie整個特別版(?)belt loop俾我慶祝我第一次贏獎~ ?? 先週末のIPSC大会で,2位になりました!! (´ ▽`).。o♡

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又跟 #MasterShootingCenter 去比賽啦~? JUNE 2018 - MMC Championship Round 1 狀態一般,要紮實隻腳同膝先跑得同急停? 炒咗第一個stage之後個人入咗zombie mode先打番似平時咁(aka 好多奇怪嘢?) Thanks for helping me through the stages #MSC!!! XOXO

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LOccitaneHK #AquaBubbleland

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練完拳帶住拳套練翻?? Flipping with boxing gloves on after class in an attempt to not touch the floor....?

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