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This could be your chance to be a Discovery Travel and Living host!! Don't miss out. See you Saturday! :) 你想要當主持人嗎? 不要錯過這個機會咯! 趕快跟你的朋友講... 有試就有機會! http://www.tlc-tw.com/tlc_picnicday_calling_hosts/

Time for a new camera!! What do y'all recommend? (Professional but travel friendly DSLR.) 買新相機時間到了! 你們推薦哪台呢? 我需要專業但可以帶去旅遊.

I love that I have a facebook page dedicated to "Janet Hsieh SWAT"!! Come and take a picture with me! 跟我一起合照吧! 我想看看你麼拍的最好的照片是什麼? 除了活動之外,我也會特別挑出我最喜歡的照片哦!


Finally, I get to go to sleep. It's been a long but satisfying day. Physical tiredness, I can handle. What scares me more is being mentally or emotionally tired. You? 很累但是很過癮的一天. 我覺得身體累終比精神累好. 你呢?! 反正,重點...我可以睡了也!!!! 晚安!

你們去年有來 Discovery 旅遊生活頻道 的野餐日嗎?今天9/13號見哦!!! See you at TLC's Picnic Day!!! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLB63zp-1F4

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挑戰成功! 讓更多人了解漸凍人ALS ...George Young, you make me proud... Now, waiting for Ian Wright and @LeoDicaprio

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.... Accepted! Check out who "drops in" for a surprise! George Young @tweetfromgeorge Australia Zoo @bindiirwin #IanWright Leonardo DiCaprio @MatthewLillard

我接受ALS冰桶挑戰!而且還有特別來賓耶!接下來想看誰被點名呢? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0K5Eaxyqf4&feature=youtu.be

(Special thanks to Erick at Visiglow for the nomination....)

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Why does food make me so happy?! #UA #businessfirst #spoiled

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想來聽我上課嗎?快來看看我在<老師,您哪位?>如何教課! 昨天大家的父親節怎麼過呢?這次我回到60年前謝爸爸在高雄的母校,我爸爸以前好小一隻喔為什麼我這麼高,哈!

今天8/9(週六)公視HD 8:00╱13:00╱19:30有重播, 還有明天8/10(週日)公視CH13, 早上8:30, 記得看噢!


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Omg!!! Just landed in San Francisco to hear the terrible news of the plane crash in Taiwan. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims and families. Is there anything I can do to help?!?! RIP.... 剛到舊金山,下飛機就聽到復興空難的消息,希望受傷的人早一點康復,還沒找到的人能平安,罹難的人 RIP,讓我們一起為他們和家屬祈禱。


Model, violinist, author, actress, polyglot, travel glutton.

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