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Oh my goodnesssssssssss.... I'm so STRESSSSSSSSSSSSSED!!!!!!

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Yay!! George Young and I made it to the top 10 weddings of 2015. 我們在前10名也!yay!This is definitely icing on the cake (wedding cake, of course!) https://sg.news.yahoo.com/top-10-weddings-2015-034119334.html

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fishing in Keelung. Seasick...

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Tonight on TLC, George Young and I finally get married in #ANTARCTICA, here's a little something we put together on our icebreaker, in between sea sickness and dizziness. Don't forget to watch, tonight on TLC Southeast Asia Let me know if you cry ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WA9WqRpMno

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Who agrees with me? "Love may not make the world go round …but love sure makes the ride worthwhile!" #讓世界多點愛# @微公益 @讓愛飛揚 http://www.miaopai.com/show/iO8sCcbanagvUhuKqE4rzQ__.htm

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Join me for a work out and a nice home-cooked meal tonight at 7pm on Discovery TLC! 就是今天晚上7點喔! 《雙廚星任務:Janet東西新滋味》在 旅遊生活頻道 - TLC Taiwan Joël Chen 喬艾爾 soac, the NEWTOWN BOY

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Finger lickin' good :) 好害羞喔!!!12/7 Monday 19:00 《雙廚星任務:Janet東西新滋味》 on 旅遊生活頻道 - TLC Taiwan!

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Um... @tweetfromgeorge I will be dressing our future kids, thank you very much.

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Hope everybody in Malaysia is safe after the earthquake!!

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RT @snowieglobie: @janetfuntaiwan @bobblumer Holy moly! You guys are hoot and a half! ? My favourite #FunTaiwanAllStars episode of season 2…

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