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My Visual DNA

This is from Butter's recent blog...

pretty cool... and some things are dead on...     Read my VisualDNA™      Get your own VisualDNA™ Personality: Moods (Dreamer) You're a bit of a romantic and have a taste for the exotic. You love feeling the sea breeze in your hair, sun on your...Read more

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living in a fantasy 2

沒有程亮 / 常在心 的日子 第 2 日。 雨。

give me a little time to get this series outta my head... maybe when I start watching the next series... hahaa...

but there's something else I want to share... there's a saying in the series that's stuck in my head... it's a saying in the Tong family... 甜的吃 苦的也吃 (it says that "sweet must eat, bitter also must eat) which is kinda like what life is about... life is full of ups and downs...whether it is sweet or bitter, we should t...Read more

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living in a fantasy

沒有程亮 / 常在心 的日子 第1日。 晴。I just finished watching 溏心風暴 (Heart of Greed)... and I have to say I've enjoyed watching this series... because I think the series teaches the viewers a lot about life... things like: family, relationships, money, friendship, etc... there's so much in it... and like any other movie/series that I watch, I got really into the story... like literally when I'm watching it, I'm staring at the screen without a blink... when something happy happens in the movie, I am happy with them, when something sad ha...Read more

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fill in the blanks

as I mentioned previously in a post... as I was moving back into my room, I found a lot of old things that I had packed up... it brought back a lot of memories... I've spent some time for the last two days just looking through my old photo albums, my high school yearbooks... and it's been quite a journey in life... and as I was cleaning up my things, I found this journal that I've kept... it's a Chicken Soup journal... those who may be...Read more

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morning sun and new room...

I woke up to the morning sun... no blue sky though.. but it was a RED SUNdefinitely very weird... had to take the opportunity to capture a picture of it... and here is my room with the painter's tape still on... my mom actually liked the blue color contrast between the ...Read more

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some Friday fun =)

those who saw the SYTYCD Finale last night should get this... but if not... it'll be a good laugh... 

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