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Don't Forget the Lyrics!!~

Last night I watched the last half hour of Don't Forget the Lyrics on Fox... and it was a special recording with Boyz II Men as the contestant... the money they won went to charity of their choice. But it was awesome. When I turned on the TV, they were working on the $100,000 song (??)... they got it... then there were two categories left: Motown and Boyz II Men... they chose Motown as the $250,000 song... got it too... so the $500,000 song was under the category...Read more

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compute this!

as you may (or may not) recall... I had problems with my computer... and I replaced the DVD-rom... installed it Sunday... but the DVD-rom still can't read the discs I put in... whether it's an audio cd, movie dvd, or a software cd...  it's so frustrating... it detects the disc but I can't open it or anything... did a DriveCheck on it... it passed on writing to disc, but it failed to read the disc... what could be wrong??????  maybe I didn&#...Read more

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Dearest Lydia Shum Din Ha

just heard on the news that Lydia Shum Din Ha passed away... 

she will be remembered for her heartful laughter...

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visitwww.moo.comit's cool!!!~ I think I wanna get some MINI cards printed with my photos/"art" work... and I wanna get stickers too...

found this site on a magazine that came my way... thought it was kinda cool... maybe artists on AnD can get some cool business cards printed with their artwork for a somewhat cheap price, right?

as you can see, I am easily attracted to these things... ...Read more

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the coming week...

oh... it's been a busy weekend of stuff... oh stuff is such a good word to use... hahaa... stopped by Office Depot today to find a CD/DVD-rom... had a coupon ($25off a $75 purchase) but damn the small prints... so many damn restrictions... it says the coupon is valid excluding purchases of software, printers, networking... and technology... so it didn't work for my purchase b/c it was considered technology... err... I asked that lady in a nice but somewhat frustrated tone... "is it possible to list what is considered technolog...Read more

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Everyone is Number 1!!

I'm actually really excited about the Olympics this year... these past years I've been into the sport events... I think it started when I watched the Winter Olympics... then watched the World Cup... so now I look forward to Olympics... wanna see the diving, track-and-field... (what else is there?  ) anyhoo...

there's also the Paralympics... but they get less attention... even though I think they should have the same attention if not more... the athletes are to be applauded...Read more

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computer geek?

I'm not... and that's how this post came about...

did a full system scan after my return... the scan detected a trojan horse... can't get rid of the darn thing... wanted to do a system restore, but not successful... so what did I do? I did a system recovery (which recovers the system to its factory settings) so it completely wipes out the system... EVERYTHING!!! but I knew that... so I spent the afternoon backing up my files and pictures and music and videos... all the good stuff...Read more

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living and learning

okay, I've calmed down somewhat... not physically worked up about my damn client... just trying to find a way to resolve this issue as soon as possible... Thank You to everyone who read my last entry and left a comment 

I've done a little "research" today on how I may approach this problem. I had a resource right on my bookshelf, yet I never bothered to use it... I am such an IDIOT!!! anyway, now I know how to better protec...Read more

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Steam coming outta my head!!!

OMG!!~ I turned off my computer since yesterday afternoon so my computer gets a break.. hehe... and I just turned it back on to check emails and my feeds... and I get a freakin' nasty email from my damn client... hella pissed me off... (sorry)

I sent him an updated invoice with amount due and a note that says his portfolio will not be returned until payment has been paid in full... I stopped working for him since the end of August... and he still owes me money... and gues...Read more

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fill in the blanks 2

here goes another " getting-to-know-you blogFill in the blanks: Describe your personality:____________ Most precious item/thing: _____________ Most loved person: _____________ Never visited place but would want to visit: _____________ Visited place and want to go again: ____________ Favorite thing to do during the weekends: _____________ Dislike to do during the weekends: _____________ Favorite age:...Read more

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