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sneak preview of the new film

Hey everyone - I'm dedicating this to you...because when it comes to Love, i'm a hopeless romantic:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1bfmXEdwHYwatch & share,james

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Photo 85939
you censored so much ! >;-( all best >;-)
about 10 years ago
Photo 28042
What an unresponsive alien bitch! She's getting boinked by the great James Kyson Lee and doesn't even change expression? Whadaya married or something? "It's dry." hahaha
about 10 years ago
Photo 400536
i never miss an episode of heroes!!! Youre awsome ^^ *YATTA!!*
about 10 years ago
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oh ok... i could do w/o the extended humping footage... but thats just me.
about 10 years ago
Photo 23083
wow. thanks for sharing.
about 10 years ago
Photo 31454
aw shit hhahahahahahahhahahaaa great delivery bro :D love the dry face while ur saying some funny ass shit "punch u in the clit" lmao!
about 10 years ago
Me in ireland
lmao.....Ok this was too classic.
about 10 years ago
Photo 375374
hi ando! u enjoying your new power?
about 10 years ago
Img 1004
omg....thats funny. Well, I love heros and and I see you have a new power pretty cool.
about 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hahahaha, what the heck??
about 10 years ago
Photo 321088
what the deuce? i,i...i don't even know what to say to that except i'm sure there had to be a stool around there someplace.
about 10 years ago
Photo 242779
oh...ohh.....ar, nice holiday video for family & friends(kids excluded)~ hahaha:DDD
about 10 years ago
Photo 428550
hi. "Ando". I'm ur big fan...
about 10 years ago
Photo 404106
Haha you're such a dork.. I was so confused when I saw this in the email the other week , good job to the both of u!! ;)
about 10 years ago



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