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  • Why Most Women Choose Louis Vuitton Handbags Outlet

    Wednesday, Mar 21, 2012 5:02PM / Standard Entry / Louis Vuitton Outlet / Members only


    If you ask today’s high-style men and women to identify one brand that exemplifies prestige, most will answer “Louis Vuitton”. Indeed, cheap authentic Louis Vuitton handbags have long embodied class and distinction. From celebrities to socialites to big-city professionals, hundreds of fashion-conscious consumers willingly fork over high prices for these luxury leather goods.

    What is it about a Louis Vuitton purse that serves as an unmistakable status symbol? What sets these accessories apart from ordinary versions?

    Rich heritage and history

    Launched as a small leather shop in 1821, the original Louis Vuitton handbags outlet store specialized in crafting fine leather luggage ware. The namesake designer, Louis Vuitton, recognized a demand among prestigious travelers who wanted premium steamer bags, flat cases, and weekend bags. (Today, the classic “Keepall” overnight bag is still one of the most popular pieces in the collection.) After establishing a reputation as a purveyor of deluxe travel goods, the designer expanded his assortment to include carry-on bags, toiletry cases, small trunks, jewelry boxes, and more.

    Timeless and Elegant Style

    The Louis Vuitton designer handbags printed with Louis Vuitton logo are sweeping the global brand market. And it has spread throughout the world and becomes the symbol of the finest travel products.

    A whole century passed, people’s pursuits and aesthetic concepts has experienced many changes, but printed with “LV” symbol of this unique pattern of monogram canvas bag, along with the rich design of the legendary still maintains an unparalleled charm.

    Attention to quality

    Behind the gittery facade is a relentless focus on quality and testing to back up the Vuitton lifetime repair gurarantee. The fact that zippers, buckles, studs, everything are constantly tested is a foundation of the brand.

    Focus on efficiency

    Even more important is a focus on efficiency. “Their operating metrics are second to none,” says Lew Frankfort, the chief executive of US handbag maker Coach. LV handbags outlet has moved from an overgrown cottage industry into a 21st-century business. Vuitton’s manufacturing is still labour-intensive, with a team of 24 workers producing about 120 handbags a day.


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