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  • How to purchased authentic Louis Vuitton handbags from Louis Vuitton outlet

    Monday, Jun 18, 2012 10:54AM / Standard Entry / Louis Vuitton Handbags / Members only

    One of the wonderful things about online shopping is that while we don’t actually KNOW who we are dealing with… through the feedback system, we can get to know who we are dealing with.  Obviously, we’d all like to buy from 100% positive sellers with 5000+ feedback scores next to their UserIDs, but this is rarely the case.  I ALWAYS check the feedback of those that I am buying from very carefully- both buying and selling.  There are a few red flags to keep an eye out for:

    PRIVATE FEEDBACK sellers: This one’s a no brainer.  This may fly in other categories, but when I’m looking to buy authentic LV, not being able to see the seller’s feedback is just unacceptable.  It is important to see not only a seller’s total score, but also the individual comments.  Some buyers are afraid to leave negatives (for fear of feedback retaliation) so they leave a negatively slanted positive feedback, like this: “POSITIVE: Seller refunded when I returned the bag”.  Basically, if you see private feedback for a seller, just promptly hit the back arrow!

    NEGATIVE FEEDBACK for authenticity: Be very careful to scrutinize feedback for signs that the seller has sold fakes in the past… this is NEVER a good sign.

    ZERO FEEDBACK for selling: The only way to get to know your seller is by watching what they buy and sell on eBay.  If there is no feedback record, you have nothing to look at in making the determination of whether you want to trust the person with hundreds of your hard earned dollars.  Be careful.

    Finally, see what they are currently selling, have sold and have bought in the past 30 days.  You can do this by doing an advanced search.  You can search by items by seller to see what they’ve sold, or items by bidder to see what they’ve bid on in the last 30 days.  Simply enter their UserID and be sure to click on “completed auctions”.

    Ask Questions! Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the seller.  And expect an answer.  If you don’t get one, move on.  If you don’t get a good feeling, keep going.  If the seller is short with you, or evasive or anything but straight forward- consider that your answer.

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