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let the games begin

hehe, for Boon, Stephen and Patrick.   Click on the link even if you have read the blog. 

Chinese New Year 2008 is the Year of the Rat - The horoscope

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summer rain & childhood smells

It just started raining here and so I raced out to collect the washing off the line.  I could smell rain on hot asphalt (my driveway) - I love that smell, it reminds me of hot days and fresh summer showers and Melbourne (it rains a lot in Melbourne, well it did, I haven't been there since 1980).

It's like pine needle...Read more

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Country Death Song - animation

I watched the Weezer video on Patrick's blog  Trivia contest answers (part 1 of 7) and it reminded me (rightly or wrongly) of the Violent Femmes.  So I was watching some of the Fems on Youtube and came across this guy's animated version for the song Country Death Song.  He did it for the final of his animations class.  It is simple black and white yet it captures the insane horror of the song...Read more

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Skinny Missions and AnD dreams

I had my first AnD dream the other night.  I'm not sure that is a good thing, I think I need to spend more time away from the computer.   Anyhoo, in my dream HuisyG and I were walking to work just chewing the fat, as one does, although at some point the dream morphed but I'm not going to blog the details of that part of the dream   Read more

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It's braggin time

okay, I'm going to unashamedly brag here .  Some of you may have noticed in my Trans Tasman Rivalry blog that there was a picture of my sister playing cricket in her Auckland Hearts uniform.  Well my sister has just been selected to captain the New Zealand Ateam and to play in the White Ferns (NZs national team) against England. Read more

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Waitangi Day

The 6th of February is Waitangi Day .  So this week when millions and millions of people are celebrating Chinese New Year all over the world - Happy Chinese New Year everybody - a few million people will be celebrating Waitangi Day, or at will least be happy to get a public holiday.

Waitangi Day is New Zealand's national day and it is celebrated on the 6th of Feb to commerate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.   (Waitangi is the place where the signing took place)  The Treaty...Read more

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Trans Tasman Rivalry

Yes I'm taking about the sibling like rivalry between Australia and New Zealand. 

The bit of water that seperates us is the Tasman Sea, it is affectionately called 'the ditch' by both Aussies and Kiwis alike.

Now we do share many cultural things with each other like:<...Read more

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the internet sucks

eek, I don't mean it strokes internet lovingly

what I really mean is that I suck at using it,  thanks everybody for the kind advice re my translation plea.  Google translator would not or could not translate the page but I could cut and paste sections and had the text translated.  It worked much better than all the other online translators I have tried.  I find it ironic that when I google 'online translator' othersites come up but not the google one.  I never thought to click the language tools link by the sea...Read more

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love and bras

I was having a few wines with a friend of mine (K)  on Friday when the son of her boyfriend (M) told me I looked like a boy in a skirt - lol.  So to answer MindyG's question I think I will grow my hair some more.  Then M told me it was better to look like a boy in a skirt than to look like a man in a skirt  Still, 12 year old boy is not really I look I aspire t...Read more

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Panty thief

okay aside from the fact that the word 'panty' is creepy what is it about underwear that appeals to thieves.  I just bought the washing in and some of my underwear has been pinched - I mean WTF.   Aside from being a single parent, which means it will be a struggle to replace them, I just don't understand the appeal.  These were nice, relatively new boy leg briefs.  Not sexy lacey numbers (I don't think, I have to double check), so why would anybody want them, who wants second hand knicke...Read more

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