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Wow, that Veronica Bayetti Flores blog is racist

Have you heard this young lady, Lorde, on the radio? Yesterday the New York Times posted a review of her recent performance at Webster Hall, and I’m kind of at a loss about the way that her big hit, Royals, is being talked about in some circles. Now I’m a feminist, but since I've limited my internet access (due to financial constraints)  I hadn't seen this blog:  Read more

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Bloody Legend - Ghost Chips

Hey everybody

It's been awhile, I have been teaching and commuting weekly to another town to do it.  Hope you have all been well and happy.

Awhile back I blogged some of the NZ anti drink adverts because of their graphic nature.  Well I have a new one to blog and it is the most successful one ever in this country.  Though it has brought some racists out of the woodwork (who don't think Maori could have the vocab in this ad).

Vid...Read more

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Actively listening about Native American Mascots

My last post on "The Indians" Irish Showband drew some comments that I must respectfully disagree with.

Challenging Native American sports teams/mascots and changing names is not silly and/or absurd.

How is it respectful to tell people you are 'honouring' them whilst ignoring their experiences?  To me this smacks of white privilege, as does the assertion that I am sensitive to Native issues because I live it.  Though I understand the intent of the statement was to be understan...Read more

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Irish embarrassment - "The Indians"

Most of you are probably not aware of the "The Indians" as in Ireland's self proclaimed top showband.

A showband that in the early 1970s was looking for a gimmick and decided that misappropriating Native American culture was just the thing.  Not great, but it was the 1970s - there is no excuse for this in today's day and age and yes this showband is still going.   Still dressing up in tassells, feathered he...Read more

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celebrate murder?

I am aware of the pain and suffering Osama has caused and yet I find the celebrations of his murder distasteful.  I will not celebrate murder, not even the murder of a murderer.   I couldn't find the words to explain how I feel and then found a person much better than me had already said them:

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive...Read more

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Kia kaha Japan

I hope you are all well - to everybody in Japan, my thoughts are with you.   Thank you so much for your assistance with NZ's earthquake last month.  I wish we could do more for you now.

Sorry I have been awol for so long - I am training to be a Primary School teacher but doing a Graduate Diploma which essentially is a degree squished...Read more

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blogging drunk

blogging drunk...  never a good idea but hands up whose done it?  If not done it, hand up whose read blogs and responded while drunk (this is where my hand goes up  , well tipsy anyway).

Anyhu I've had a few, I finished my admin job (lovely farwell at the pub  ) and I'm off to Christchurch for two weeks to start my training as a Primary School teacher - that's right BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID  Read more

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respecting women beyond voting for CPAF

Hopefully you have seen the blogs encouraging you to vote for CPAF  (Centre for Pacific Asian Family) and you have voted.  www.voteCPAF.org  I have voted but I was a little dismayed when viewing some of the videos supporting the campgain.  Why?  The particular artists in the video that dismayed me have also made quite sexist and disrespectful music regarding women and the hypocrisy gets up my nose. 

So often with campaigns like this, everyone gets on board ...Read more

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"peace" vs "up yours"

In the UK, Australia and New Zealand, the 'peace' sign as demonstrated below by Rik from the Young Ones, always has the palm face forward.  The 'up yours' sign, as demonstrated by Vyv from the Young Ones, always has the back of the hand facing foward. 

Read more

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Best reads of 2009

There are some good readers on here, I thought it might be nice to share some of the books we enjoyed most in 2009.

Since I started working at the bookshop my reading has picked up and my tbr (to be read) piles have grown exponentially (3 piles beside the bed and one on the bed)

Anyhu, without further ado here are my favourite reads from 2009 (not all of them are new and they are not in any particular order).

The Millenium Trilology by Stieg Larsson.   - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who played with F...Read more

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