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Welcome to my page. Thanks for all the support! Check out my blogs. I will be updating it frequently...Much luv!

"Go where you are celebrated...not w

In Asian music world, the name Jae Chong has become synonymous with the term “hit-maker.” As one of the most innovative and influential leaders in the Asian music scene, artist/songwriter/producer, Jae Chong, has well over 30 Million record sales under his belt to attest to his artistry. Jae’s professional music career started in the underground hip hop world of Los Angeles during the early 1990’s, producing local rap groups such as Baby G, The Funky Few, and Soul Selection. These early years became the formative time for Jae to hone his music writing and producing skills. Jae then shifted his focus to the Asian music scene by writing and producing songs for the LA Boyz, a pop group sensation, which caught the attention of the Asian music world. Jae himself garnered attention and accolade when he exploded onto the Korean music landscape as the writer, producer and member of the R&B group Solid. Jae revolutionized the Korean music industry by propelling Solid and with it the urban music genre to the forefront of popular consciousness with his mesmerizing hip-hop beats and soulful melodies and by selling excess of four million records in the short span of four years. He went on to earn critical acclaim and countless awards and credits for writing and producing for many international superstars like Coco Lee, Kim Gunmo, Shin Seunghoon, Stanley Huang and LA BOYZ, just to name a few. In 2003 he also took part in launching the first hip hop entertainment company in Taiwan called MACHI Entertainment which helped launched many successful artists including the group Machi, Andrew Chou, Nicky Lee and Melody Yeung not to mention its successful clothing line “The Grandmasters.” He was also the first Korean American ever to be nominated for the Best Producer of the Year at the Golden Melody Awards and won various awards for hit albums, two of which were Stanley Huang and Nicky Lee who won the Best Male Artist of the Year award at the 2004 and 2005 Golden Melody Awards respectively. Jae’s versatile and diverse production styles have led to top selling hits in not only the urban but also in the rock, pop, dance and ballad music genres. Having a solid foundation in each genre, Jae’s creations blur all musical boundaries and continuously push the creative limits. Having been a platinum selling artist, Jae has the insight and experiences of performing to allow him to fully develop and consult new artists into achieving the peak of their own artistic endeavors. Never one to merely delegate production, Jae is proactive in each of his production projects and lends each song his virtuoso skills in playing various instruments from guitar, keyboard to drums. In bringing his considerable talents to the U.S. market, Jae is set leave his unmistakable mark on the American music scene with his creativity and distinct style of music. As those in the Far East already know, Jae Chong is a producer with the talent and drive to capture the hearts of the masses with his innovative vision. And now, as a member of the production team, The Aziatix, Jae has set his sights on bringing the same success to his home ground…The U.S.

Interesting facts about Jae Chong

Languages Spoken english
Hometown California
Location United States
City Other Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan
School Loara High School, UCI
Job Composer, Producer, Musician
Gender male
Favorite Music Allan Holdsworth, Brett Garsed, Greg Howe, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, etc.
Favorite Tv Shows Sopranos, Colbert Report, Reno 911, Celebrity Roast
Favorite Movies Splinter, American Me, Casino, Cloverfield, Scarface, Godfather, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Infernal Affairs, etc
Favorite Books duh...
English Name Jae Chong
Member Since June 22, 2008
Fans 519
Profile Views 123,417

Latest lifestream updates

New AZIATIX Album "NOCTURNAL" is Available NOW!!!

Hi folks!  Long time since the last update...I hope all of you are doing well...

First off...AZIATIX just released a new Album...titled "NOCTURNAL"...It's available NOW on iTunes, Amazon, and just about every digital music site.  Also, the album will be released in physical CD format in most of places in Asia...

Here's a video of our first single...titled "Slippin' Away"...Check it out!  This song hit #1 on Korea's NATE chart and the first EP hit #4 on US iTunes R&B/SOUL Album Chart!  It's been a great start!  These guys are going to take over the world!


Also, I've been busy working with artist Stanley Huang on his new commercial song for MAZDA as well as artist Zhang Jie in China.  MACHI is also preparing new music!  It's been a crazy year!

Check out some editorials as well on AZIATIX...

Much Love!!!


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Hi Alive Not Dead Fam!!! Here are some new updates!!!My new group AZIATIX is finally releasing their NEW EP on 5/17!!!  It will be a worldwide release...(US, Europe, Asia, etc).  So please make sure you support us!!!Here's a teaser of our new song called "COLD"...Make sure you bump it this summer to stay COOL~ kekeVideo:, included in the EP will be our first single "GO" which happens to be the #1 song on the Korean International Pop Charts!Video:'s help the boys break into the worldwide market and take Asian music to the next level!!!Much Love!Jae...

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AZIATIX after 1 week! Thank you for all the support!!!

One week after the release of our teaser and only 3 days after the
song "GO" released on iTunes we've already received so much support it has been absolutely unbelievable.  In one week our Youtube view
traffic has exceed 100,000 and is still growing!  Also, on the first day of the release, the song "GO" reached #38 position on the US iTunes
R&B/SOUL chart...which is unheard of with a completely new
artist...Mind you, as of now, most of the promotion has been by word of mouth.  20 years being in this business I've never experienced
something like this...where a new group got such a huge response right off the bat.  We've received fan mails from all parts of the
world...United States, France, Germany, Romania, Korea, Japan, China,
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, etc...the list goes on!  I
hope you guys will continue to cheer the boys on.  And once again, I
want to thank all of you for all your support!!!God Bless!!!Jae


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AZIATIX Official Launch!

Hi Everyone!


AZIATIX has been officially launched as of 3/23!


For those of you unfamiliar with AZIATIX, It's basically my new music label. It's always been a dream of mine to have a music company geared towards the worldwide market...yes...that includes the US. I've been fortunate enough the past year to partner with a great company in Korea and we are teaming up to develop what we think will change history forever...People have always had a hard time breaking into the Western market mainly due to the obvious reason..."language barrier"...That's why I've always wanted to have artists who are fluent in English as well as their native language and have the capability to go back and forth from all areas of the world...and AZIATIX is just that...We want to show Hollywood that our community supports our music and that our community can represent a huge demographic for Hollywood marketers...


We currently have 3 artists lined up...FLOWSIK (who is by far one of the best rappers I've ever heard and have been a fan on Youtube for years), Eddie Shin (a great singer/songwriter from Boston), and Nicky Lee (who is already well known in the Mandarin music scene). All 3 are separate artists but will feature together for the opening teaser song called "GO"...which will release on iTunes 3/28...Be sure to cop a copy when it hits the stores! Let's help the boys chart on iTunes!


Here's a video of the teaser...Help by reposting...retwitting, etc. SPREAD THE WORD!!!


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Some new updates!!!

Wow...It's been a long time since my last blog...I apologize...I've been running around all over the place...I will do my best to update as much as I can...^^

Here are some recent stuff I've been on...

  1. Monocle Radio...Airing worldwide...

  1. A news report on Kpop on Bloomberg TV...Airing globally...(Our spot starts at 10:30)

  1. SBS Documentary Special in Korea called "Hollywood Kids"...

As usual...You can follow me on Twitter @jacey714!

I also have some new exciting projects coming up very soon.  Will keep u folks updated!

Much Love!!!


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Jae Chong

Composer , Music Producer , Musician


Welcome to my page. Thanks for all the support! Check out my blogs. I will be updating it frequently...Much luv! "Go where you are celebrated...not w ...Read more

Profile Views 123,417
Favorite Movies Splinter, American Me, Casino, Cloverfield, Scarface, Godfather, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Infernal Affairs, etc
School Loara High School, UCI
Hometown California