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In Asian music world, the name Jae Chong has become synonymous with the term “hit-maker.” As one of the most innovative and influential leaders in the Asian music scene, artist/songwriter/producer, Jae Chong, has well over 30 Million record sales under his belt to attest to his artistry. Jae’s professional music career started in the underground hip hop world of Los Angeles during the early 1990’s, producing local rap groups such as Baby G, The Funky Few, and Soul Selection. These early years became the formative time for Jae to hone his music writing and producing skills. Jae then shifted his focus to the Asian music scene by writing and producing songs for the LA Boyz, a pop group sensation, which caught the attention of the Asian music world. Jae himself garnered attention and accolade when he exploded onto the Korean music landscape as the writer, producer and member of the R&B group Solid. Jae revolutionized the Korean music industry by propelling Solid and with it the urban music genre to the forefront of popular consciousness with his mesmerizing hip-hop beats and soulful melodies and by selling excess of four million records in the short span of four years. He went on to earn critical acclaim and countless awards and credits for writing and producing for many international superstars like Coco Lee, Kim Gunmo, Shin Seunghoon, Stanley Huang and LA BOYZ, just to name a few. In 2003 he also took part in launching the first hip hop entertainment company in Taiwan called MACHI Entertainment which helped launched many successful artists including the group Machi, Andrew Chou, Nicky Lee and Melody Yeung not to mention its successful clothing line “The Grandmasters.” He was also the first Korean American ever to be nominated for the Best Producer of the Year at the Golden Melody Awards and won various awards for hit albums, two of which were Stanley Huang and Nicky Lee who won the Best Male Artist of the Year award at the 2004 and 2005 Golden Melody Awards respectively. Jae’s versatile and diverse production styles have led to top selling hits in not only the urban but also in the rock, pop, dance and ballad music genres. Having a solid foundation in each genre, Jae’s creations blur all musical boundaries and continuously push the creative limits. Having been a platinum selling artist, Jae has the insight and experiences of performing to allow him to fully develop and consult new artists into achieving the peak of their own artistic endeavors. Never one to merely delegate production, Jae is proactive in each of his production projects and lends each song his virtuoso skills in playing various instruments from guitar, keyboard to drums. In bringing his considerable talents to the U.S. market, Jae is set leave his unmistakable mark on the American music scene with his creativity and distinct style of music. As those in the Far East already know, Jae Chong is a producer with the talent and drive to capture the hearts of the masses with his innovative vision. And now, as a member of the production team, The Aziatix, Jae has set his sights on bringing the same success to his home ground…The U.S.

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Welcome to my page. Thanks for all the support! Check out my blogs. I will be updating it frequently...Much luv! "Go where you are celebrated...not w

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