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Air JUstin 08 Live

Air Justin------GREAT SHOW!!!

first, i should congratulate justin for the successful concert~it's a great success!

everyone should had enjoy it so much! the brilliant graphics, music, dressings....and of course justin's performance was awesome!...Read more

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thirty days

thirty days and thirty nites i wait

counting down the days so far away

when i'm feeling so alone

i'll juz hear u on the phone

wanna speak but nothing comes my way******

thirty days had past, can't u juz leave me alone?

how can love so beautiful?never slip away~

plzzzzz>>>leave me alone*


it's mid autum'' as everyone is looking at the moon, i juz can't stop myself  from day-dreaming of nothing...Read more

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end of summer holiday...

this is my 1st entry here..

juz 2 recall all events during this summer~

time reli flies, it's the end of the summer  vacation...the end of the days...n the end of the hapi n relex days...hope  that time could flash back 2 july...if it's possible, i wanna change all my decisions, n perhaps all the 'unfortunates' would not appear...

in this summer, i've reli learnt a lot from different ways , n i've also meet lots of news fds...

...Read more
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i'm jaclyn~nice2meetu! justin-905@hotmail.com

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