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Dinner date with the EBC gals!

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Pagodas. Clouds. Horizon.

throwback #goingsolo #backpacking #myanmar

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Food. Bike. Friends. Fun.

EBCgang #Cycling

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Tea. Leaves. Salad. Favourite.

Last meal in Myanmar, this marks the end of this trip ?

goingsolo #backpacking #myanmar

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The much raved-about Shwedagon Pagoda versus the less popular St Mary's Cathedral in Yangon.

goingsolo #backpacking #myanmar

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Buses. Taxis. Terminal. Yangon.

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goingsolo #backpacking #myanmar

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Buddha. Me. Pagoda. Buddha. Me. Temple. Buddha. Me. Stupa. Buddha.

goingsolo #backpacking #myanmar

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Morning market @ Nyuang Shwe

goingsolo #backpacking #myanmar

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Skewers. Salad. Vegetables.

goingsolo #backpacking #myanmar

the stalls at the night market are patronised by flies but since its the last dinner here at Inle, I will just give it a shot. Every trip to any places, I would make it a point to try the night market or roadside stalls.......food is a major component in any culture.

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