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Jacklyn Kuah

Post-Productions Blues......

Everytime after a production, I would always suffer from post-production blues for a week........why is it still like that after doing theatre for more than 10 years? I duno, maybe it is because I love the stage too much? Cos I dun feel much after a film wrap up but I would feel down whenever the last show is coming up.........hmmmm.......maybe we spend more time on the rehearsals and become more attached to the characters than we do for film?

If only I can find a reason for this then find a cure but then on the other hand, this is also what makes the stage so mesmerizing...........................我常说的“舞台艺术是遗憾的艺术,但也因为遗憾而美丽,也因为这样我们才会更珍惜,更享受它的每一个过程。”

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Expectations! Premiere........

It was really exciting and I was getting very nervous when getting to the start of show but everything turns out well despite so much obstacles and some hiccups during the show. Great audience tonight and the energy from the audience also boost the actors' energy. This is one great thing about the stage, it is everytime you do it is the first and the last time, there is no NG, re-take or editing, even if the same people come to watch, nothing will ever be the same. No wonder there is a saying that goes 人生如戏,戏如人生, and i interpret the 戏 as stage performances because it is just like how we live our lives, there is no second in the moment, live in the moment and always give your best!

My Image for the opening scene......luv it!

The best singer in the cast...............great job Etienne

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My very first English Musial "Expectations"


I am so excited! Next thursday will be the opening night for "Expectations", my very first first musical in English and I am going to sing live! It is very challenging for me because I have never sang live with any accompaniment before, this is going to be the first but definitely not the last!


Check out the event:!/event.php?eid=115261171827389&index=1


More photos will be up soon.................

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Jacklyn Kuah

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