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UNFAMOUS® is a brand founded in 2010 which originate from Malaysia.

The concept of UNFAMOUS® comes from two different elements, bringing every exclusive creation to an extreme sports and art. It is the only brand which adopts the unique idea of fixed-gear bicycle combine with one-of-a-kind tattoo designs as the basic design elements.<...Read more

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Gift & Tattoo

its been so so so long never update my blog !! its busy with my new clothing brand !! it called UNFAMOUS and it wil release real soon !! stay tune guys !!

red and black always match !! love the colorway !!!

a give from my mate fooi @Read more

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Project A

it been so long i was planing to have my own label.. and now its da time when i get supported by alot of frens.. they teach me everything due im a newbie on this line.. yet i wil learn it...

everything it start with a plan ....

thanks to white dra...Read more

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so long i didnt have time to blog here ! kinda busy lately....

many things have to be done lately.. hope got a great surprise...

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New Shop !!

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Latest Job

4hours !!! and its done !! i love it very much !!

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The Hype !!

j z got a tattoo done !! a fren of mind is a big fan of KAWS !! he tattooed on his leg a KAWS head !! mayb he thought can hav special offer !! hahah !!

joshua !! in pain !!

finishing !! Read more

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July Pieces !!

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Pain But Bareable

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Half Way !!!

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October 17, 2008