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    Thursday, May 13, 2010 1:21PM / Standard Entry

    UNFAMOUS® is a brand founded in 2010 which originate from Malaysia.
    The concept of UNFAMOUS® comes from two different elements, bringing every exclusive creation to an extreme sports and art. It is the only brand which adopts the unique idea of fixed-gear bicycle combine with one-of-a-kind tattoo designs as the basic design elements.
    In order to promote the street culture and establishing a new generation of trends, UNFAMOUS® has made out its own style by the combination of an extreme sports pop in the streets and decorative body art, which is suitable for those vogue and hype peeps, tattoo lovers and bike enthusiasts.
    On the subject of texture and tailoring design, UNFAMOUS® offer comfort, quality, creativity and individuality apparels, create a brand new State-of-the-street-culture. This is what we are, UNFAMOUS®.

    UNFAMOUS® 昵個獨創品牌係創立於2010年,源自馬來西亞。
    UNFAMOUS® 既創作概念来自兩個不同既元素,將每個獨佔既創作推向運動及藝術文化,係唯一以固定齒輪自行車 (FIXED GEAR) 及紋身設計 (TATTOO ARTS) 結合作為基本設計元素既一個品牌。
    推廣街頭文化,設立新一代趨勢,結合著流行系街頭上既一項極限運動及裝飾身體既特殊藝 術,UNFAMOUS® 擁有自己既風格, 非常之適合追求潮流尖端既潮人,紋身及自行車愛好者。
    無論係質感與剪裁設計上, UNFAMOUS® 都提供舒適,優質且富創意及个性的服飾, 營造出全新的街頭面貌,昵個就係UNFAMOUS®。

    For more info :- UNFAMOUS


  • Gift & Tattoo

    Thursday, Mar 25, 2010 1:58PM / Standard Entry

    its been so so so long never update my blog !! its busy with my new clothing brand !! it called UNFAMOUS and it wil release real soon !! stay tune guys !!

    red and black always match !! love the colorway !!!

    a give from my mate fooi @ mnrchii,.. thanks mate..


  • Project A

    Friday, Feb 5, 2010 11:53AM / Standard Entry

    it been so long i was planing to have my own label.. and now its da time when i get supported by alot of frens.. they teach me everything due im a newbie on this line.. yet i wil learn it...

    everything it start with a plan ....

    thanks to white dragon for teaching me ...

    3hours of lesson, and i learn alot.. thanks to everyone !! esp, miss C.. i appriciate it very very much !!


  • WORKS !!!

    Thursday, Jan 28, 2010 12:01PM / Standard Entry

    so long i didnt have time to blog here ! kinda busy lately....

    many things have to be done lately.. hope got a great surprise...


  • New Shop !!

    Tuesday, Dec 8, 2009 1:31PM / Standard Entry

    currently busy wit new shop opening stuff !! kinda tired...

    BLOODY INK TATTOOO on facebook!!



  • Im a tattooist... Like to hurt ppl wit my needles... Like music ... Hav my own mixxing set at home !! jz a simple and normal lifestyle !! ...


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