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To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) (november 13th) is national To Write Love On Her Arms Day!!! (TWLOHA)

in case you dont know...

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery...

i got this directly from the site under FAQ...

to help support and spread awareness of this awesomifitastic organization, people write 'love' on their arms, and/or help by buying some of their merch (you can get it from the website). THIS IS FOR THOSE WHO CARE...anything else you wanna know is on the website...SO CHECK IT OUT



...a few things youll find at the site's store...


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            ... CONFUSION... 


                      IS SAD...


                 A CONFUSING 


thank you


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Gone...Has My Heart's Magic Gate (another poem by me)

**Remember the gate that

i had around my heart??

i think...well i feel like its broken

the barrier i had up long ago

has been restored

and yet again has shattered**

**Since the gate is gone

and the barrier hardly there

my heart feels damaged

and unprotected

like just anyone can walk right in

and cause more pain**

**It was my magic gate

the one that kept me strong

as a person...




but now i dont even know

my heart is just there

trusting any and everyone

my mind yet again is conflicting

with my heart

and the three of us

yet again discuss my fear

of being betrayed...hurt...

lied to and alone**

**I do trust...i have trusted

this heart of mine...its just

full of love and trust

but i cant help but think

what if it all is just a phase

or isnt real??

like eventually none of what i have

will matter...ill be forgotten**

**Why cant i just end it??

why wont it all just go away!!

my paranoid, self-harming  thoughts

my sadness, my pain

my fear of losing what i love

my ability to find what i

no longer or never had

i dont know

how much morei can take

or how much longer

i can take it**


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(brought to u by a message of importance)...

--> together we shall be bored by not being bored & doing somethin that doesnt allow boredom to killll us <-- ENEMY= BOREDOM= DEADLY

thank u


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Welcome To The Land Of Unexpected Disaster (another poem by me)

i have to write a poem about death for my english class (how ironic)....


•Using the images in the poems as a model, write a short poem that expresses a vision of death/grief. Include imagery that reveals your poem’s theme.

•This poem is to be a minimum of 15 lines to receive full credit. It doesn’t have to rhyme and you don’t have to use inversion. You may if you would like.

•This will be worth 25 points: 15 points for 15 lines including imagery (no extra points for more lines);

and 5 points for spelling; 5 points for the theme of death being apparent in your poem (focus).

heres my poem...........

Its something that you should expect prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

its just the wrong times

it happens

death comes and takes

what you love away

like the ocean wipes out

ships with captains


Its then you cry a waterfall

and a bomb goes off in your heart

you feel like the world is over

wishing you could go back to the start


If life were like a video-game

we'd all have extra lives

but since this is reality

we all live once and sometimes twice

where’s the reset button

when you need it most

the pause then restart

on the player's controls


Death, the unexpected visitor

came knocking at their door

and so they answered

not knowing what they had in store

if only they had some cheat codes

they'd have made it to

another level way faster

so welcome...

to the unexpected land of disaster





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HAPPY BDAY ANNE!!!!! :D (anne20)







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srry i wasted ur time._.

I may just forever leave...disappear

my pain temporarly leaves...

then returns so server....

i dont care anymore

ill just let it stay

-just felt the need to write this...srry to waste your time-.....


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But I Know (another poem by of my favs...enjoy!!)^-^

         But I Know     (this is one of my favs)^-^


You think you can hide

but i succeeded as i went to seek

You thought it was a secret

but it wasnt kept from me

You think i dont know but i do

You thought i didnt know

but you didnt and dont know

that i did and do know

And eventually

your gonna come tell me yourself


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Im Done (another poem by mee)

                 Im Done

                   (just thought i should post my work here again)


What have i gotten myself into

everything is causin me stress

i hate it when im being pressured

my thoughts arent even calm

i need peace & rest

maybe it'd be best if

i just had no contact

This is getting out of hand

& now im getting worried

my happiness was here

but for a short while

it seems to be coming to an end

id better brace myself

for whats about to come

eventually ill get through it

itll be hard to move on

I shouldve just kept my thoughts

to myself

look at what happens when i

finally let them go

some wonder why i dont express myself

well you know

Im getting tired of everything

its driving me insane

maybe when i come back

ill let you know

appearently no one understands

when i try to explain

whats going on in my brain

Right now i just need some space

my space...just time...

if youre not gonna try n help me

then go away....

just leave me alone & dont waste my time

ive got enough to deal with

so stop wasting my time

if you dont really care

then keep your distance until further notice

because im done

For those of you who are just plain annoying

theres always busy traffic to play in

your constant idiocity

is just making my depression worse


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Remember 'bout My Heart (another song by me...enjoy!!^-^)

        Remember 'bout My Heart     

One time is too many,shoulda let you go back then

Now my head is spinnin, cant believe i fell for it

were you pretendin that you loved me

Or was that really true

oh my goshi cant believe i even loved someone like you.....

Well fine, you can go, i'll still be happy anyway

and to you i say Good Day

Well just be gone, go back and run along

and keep tryin to break others' hearts

Hey just remember 'bout my heart, you didnt even leave a mark...


Moved on i did, and found somebody that was really true to me

maybe more than you'll ever yourself and anyone that walks into your life

Well thats too bad for you

 cuz karma's gonna come back and break your heart in two, or more pieces than it did the time before

Love's like a game so whats the score, on your end of the gameboard...


Well fine, you can go, i'll still be happy anyway

and to you i say Good Day

just be gone, go back and run along

and keep tryin to break others' hearts

Hey just remeber 'bout my heart, you didnt even leave a mark....


I didnt really care that you left me, for somebody else

why'd you have your friend come and tell me, why couldnt you do it yourself

But the worst of all, is that you waited til my birthday to tell the news

What kind of gift is this to me from you....


Well fine, you can go, i'll still be happy anyway

and to you i say Good Day

just be gone go back and run along and keep tryin to break others' hearts....

Well fine, you can go, 'll still be happy anyway

and to you i say Good Day

just be gone, go back and run along, and keep tryin to break others' hearts

Hey just remember that your heart

will be the one with all the marks




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