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moving forward, leaving behind

In Canada, we have this huge campaign from the milk producers telling us to drink milk.  Instead of those zexy milk moustaches sported by celebrities asking if you've 'Got Milk'?  we have this weird 'Never stop, Grow always' slogan.  huh?!

anyway, they have this super cheesy tag line that they spout in every commercial - "In order to move ahead you always leave something behind"... as cheesy as it sounds, there's definitely truth in that statement.I'm looking back at this year and I...Read more

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pics from my friend's wedding

Here's a pic of the girls at the reception Me with my friend, the beautiful bride![](/attachments/2008/06/4957_200806111321362.thumb.jpg)The bride's sister set up a 'photobooth' to take some silly pics![](/attachments/2008/06/4957_200806111321363.thumb.jpg) The props come outRead more

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