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  • Craft blog

    Wednesday, Dec 21, 2011 7:05AM / Members only

    I wish I was still in SoCal...lol  

    Anyway, I'm back to the grind and building up my craft website!

    One of my entries was put on Craftgawker!  I hope I can keep my blogging up!

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  • Amineko

    Thursday, Nov 17, 2011 7:27AM / Members only

    I've been crocheting for a year now and I must say - it's a really relaxing, mind-numbing activity!  I've made a lot of dolls here and there, a head band and a hat.

    I've been trying out different types of yarns too.  For the time being, I've only really bought from the local 'Michael's' stores (a gigantic arts/crafts store)  I think as I get better, I'll go and peruse the local yarn stores for more exotic yarns!

    I've found that some yarns are definitely easier to work with and acrylic yarns actually give the worst results in terms of the look/feel of the finished product.  An acrylic wool blend is a good option as it tends to break less than all wool.

    Also, cotton yarn is pretty fun to use as well if you don't want all the wooly fuzzies flying around!

    Here's my latest project - an 'Amineko' from the book 'Hello My name is Amineko'

    Yarn used - 2 balls of Lions Brand 'Wool-Ease' Thick & Quick yarn in raspberry.  I also used the same brand in 'fisherman' (the cream colour) for the paws and snout.

    By using the thicker yarn, the finished doll came out pretty large!  It's probably half a metre tall?

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  • Hello!

    Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011 12:05AM / Members only

    I wish I had more time/dedication to blog so I will attempt to do so starting this week :) 

    Things have been going well for me - work has been crazy but if you want to move up, you gotsta work hard!  I will be going for a vacation soon - 11 days in SoCal!  I'm pretty excited since I haven't been out to LA before. 

    I bought a CityPass so I will be doing all the theme parks - Universal studios, Disney, San Diego Zoo, and Sea World.  It'll be nice just to go off and feel like a big kid lol.

    It's starting to get cold in Ed again - we had a bit of snow over the weekend but temperatures are still close to 0 - it'll be much colder by the end of the week but I'll be off!

    Hope everyone is doing well.  The world seems to be in perpetual turmoil but hopefully, we can still remain positive and optimistic in times of trouble

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  • More fun with amigurumi!

    Friday, Aug 5, 2011 1:31AM / Members only


    XL Mashimaro ~ I made this with super soft baby yarn and came up with the pattern myself! 

    I tried my hand at making a 'mini' puppy keychain... didn't take long but the thin crochet needle kinda hurt my fingers :(


    (but apparently, I've gotten comments that this looks like a bear with a mullet!)

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  • quiet times in the mountains

    Tuesday, Jul 26, 2011 2:45AM / Members only

    No matter where you work or what you do, I realize you cannot escape the same situations ~ there will always be the trouble makers, the stress, and workloads, etc.

    I've been escaping to the mountains for short getaways to destress.  I realize that camping is one of the best ways to relax.  The only thing I'm concerned with is - eating and sleeping

    This past weekend, I camped for 2 nights in Banff ~ I decided to go hiking and challenge myself a bit.  My bf and I chose a moderately difficult hike near Lake Louise - 455 m elevation but the view would be spectacular.  We were almost reached the top when all of a sudden, my bf tells me to turn around.  I looked up and I saw 3 BEARS ... mama bear and her 2 cubs.  I was so scared... not only did we NOT have bear spray, it was only the 2 of us on the trail.  The mama bear grunted at us and we slowly backed off and walked away.  I was disappointed that we didn't get to finish the hike but I guess... safety first!  This was definitely the first time that I've encountered a bear... the last few times, I saw them from the safety of my car.

    other than the bear encounter, I had a nice time ~ shopping at the famrer's market for groceries, cooking up a storm in the woods

    I think the next time we go hiking, we'll need to get at least a group of 4 and bring bear spray!

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  • posted on Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012 11:27AM  [Report]
    Hi Yvonne! I hope you are well. Gettin' married any time soon. ;-)
  • posted on Friday, Aug 5, 2011 1:43AM  [Report]
    Thank You!!! :)
  • posted on Thursday, Dec 30, 2010 3:14PM  [Report]
    Happy New Years from everyone at alivenotdead.com!
  • posted on Sunday, Nov 21, 2010 11:43AM  [Report]
    You did a good job on it for making it up as you went. :) Yes, please send me instructions when you can~ Thanks!
  • posted on Friday, May 21, 2010 7:59AM  [Report]
    Using one's electronic devices during a show is so rude! Didn't someone already ask them to turn those things off? That must be such a pain to live performers the world over these days.
  • posted on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 4:36PM  [Report]
    It's wrong that they can get away with it to think that are file is still on the system :(
  • posted on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 4:00AM  [Report]
    My audience was so deferential and kind. No hecklers or rude people at all. Some were quiet though. haha. He kept calling out the quieter side of the room to my left. He picked me out, saying I gave 'omg, what's wrong w/ this guy' expression or something silly like that. I don't think I did that. haha. There was this one white chick who sat at the edge of the stage with a seat that faced out at the audience. He kept going up to her and patting her head, like a little child or a pet. I don't think I saw her LOL more than twice. Her date was kinda like that too. Hm, I don't think Bobby's jokes are that Asian-centric and hard to "get" but maybe that was the case. Did he strip to his underwear for your show too?
  • posted on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 3:15AM  [Report]
    You saw Bobby too? He didn't look happy? Actually he smiled for the camera but I wouldn't describe him as affable or happy.
  • posted on Wednesday, Apr 14, 2010 11:12AM  [Report]
    Thanks for the recipe!! I will have to try it~ can't guarantee it will turn out nice the first time though. hehe
  • posted on Thursday, Apr 8, 2010 3:56AM  [Report]
    Thanks:) this was just a kick off.. the actually celebrations won't be fore a few months;)
  • posted on Tuesday, Feb 9, 2010 6:11AM  [Report]
    Ain't that the truth :)
  • posted on Wednesday, Feb 3, 2010 3:44AM  [Report]
    Thank You! I was definitely nervous when they started cutting my hair. haha...
  • posted on Wednesday, Jan 27, 2010 5:34PM  [Report]
    That's very strange about the parachuting article. Wikipedia needs to get to grips with these things but it must be hard for them now with so many articles online. I certainly don't think I'll be trusting it quite to the same extent as I did.
  • posted on Thursday, Dec 24, 2009 10:51AM  [Report]
    Happy Merry Peace Love Holiday Yvonne!
  • posted on Sunday, Dec 20, 2009 3:42PM  [Report]
    Happy Holidays!
    posted on Thursday, Dec 17, 2009 11:52AM  [Report]
    Yeah, I bet that place is filled with all the Wrong people too!
  • Official artist 
    posted on Monday, Nov 30, 2009 12:20AM  [Report]
    thanks for your message - hope things are good with you.
  • posted on Friday, Oct 23, 2009 10:21PM  [Report]
    Leaves start growing out of your head in the fall? That's pretty. lol
  • posted on Friday, Oct 23, 2009 1:28AM  [Report]
    I got the nikon D5000... =)
  • posted on Thursday, Oct 8, 2009 9:11AM  [Report]
    I didn't go inside the watercube but looks nice!
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