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Queena Chan

Merry Xmas

miss u so much

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my friend James started a web-site for the photographs of Langqi

there are many beautiful photos,Langqi is a beautiful island,trust me ,i had been live there 4 years

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KAKA always say,i belong to JESUS

when i saw the BRASIL lose the game,i cant control my tear

i am not really a football fan,i watch the FIFA,just cos i love KAKA,i love BRASIL


i love RONALDO his incisor.and KAKA was 20years old,he is so young!

2010,there is not RONALDO any more,but i still believe BRASIL.

cos The players are all very excellent.though they lose the game they also are my heros.

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well,new shot.


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Help....Silent Hill 2



sb had played this game,pls help me

i play it for a year,but still no result

cos no experience and horrible

a long stairs

history museum..the monster


the hole to the jail

use sth the beat the hole

the jail



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Forget the future.and live in now

it`s from ELI STONE


 now i`m living in the pressure

i have to learn more and more` pass the damn text

compare with CET6,driving is easy

I have to try my best

today i got up early,and went to library to borrow some books about CET6

but there is a headache with me . i cant control my mind

i feel more and more tired


i believe God always be

support me  protect me


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i have an allergy to roses

my god!!!  it`s a really really bad news

i guess i cant get rose again

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it`s a busy day

the day i went to bed 3am

but i have to wake up 7am.becoz i promize my mum to visit my uncle

then..shoping.talking with uncle.and taste the sepecial`s very delicious

now .i`m here

it`s a really  busy and day


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it will be well...

there are many troubles in my life

in particular in college

some persons make me crazy and boring

miz family so much

come on

wait for the refresh day

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