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Open stunt casting for "OUTCAST" a Period film Directed by Nick Powell, starring Nicholas Cage and Hayden Christensen. Filming in China. Looking for Caucasian, Arabic and African stunt Performers. Who have weapons, martial arts and all around stunt experience, Horse stunts are also a major factor in this film. Please Provide a basic resume, pictures and a showreel. Send all submissions to Ian Powers at

thank you and I look forward to working together with you.

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Game of Assassins- finished shooting!!!

Just completed photography on     Game of AssassinsDirected by Seven Miao ShuAction Directed by Ian Powers (Heng Li)Two First time feature directors.Low budget and No time,  but we got it done. 21 days shooting. no injuries and no casualties always a plus!!!Thank you to everyone involved who helped get us this far!!!Now Post begins!   I'll publish shooting journal entries and more pics soon.thanks to alive not dead for letting people know about us! 

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Game of Assassins

Recently I started filming  Game of assassins,   in Henan is my frist time Action Directing a live action feature.  It is hard but we are getting through it.We had the help of Chen Kwan Tai, who really raised the level of our little production.also in the cast is Leung gar yan  and Jiang Chao.showcasing   Darren E. Scott Choo  as our leadJacky Xie  who i worked with ten years ago on a tv series call Heaven and hell, while working for Frankie Chan.This Film is Directed by Seven Miao, who you can also find on alive not dead.We are nearly through it, so I'll share some pics here.look back for more updates.

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Ian Powers Show Reel

Hey there, I jsut wanted to share my latest show reel of some of my work up to 2010, more to come but if you get a chance, please take a look.

Thanks Ian

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Getting some press, a film I did this year (Choy Li Fut) just premiered throughout Asia!

Hi there  just wanted to share this,  The film i did this summer just premiered all over and China and Hong Kong. And is doing well. ent/film/sinacn/20110406/ 23102354363.html

scroll down to the bottom for a fun pic of me and Kane Kosugi.Thanks Hope all is well

《蔡李佛》洪金寶率功夫星二代 培養功夫接班人   2011年04月06日 23:10    北京新浪網







  新浪娛樂訊 講述中國南拳蔡李佛拳的2011時尚功夫電影《蔡李佛》已於4月2日全國同步上映了。香港武打巨星洪金寶、元華率領年輕功夫“星二代”,共同演繹現代蔡李佛拳風采。

  電影中功夫片大都離不開武德的探討,前輩級人物洪金寶,元華除了在陣容上壓軸,也承擔了睿智武者這類角色,前者追求自由,志在四方,後者富有犧 牲精神,甘於守護根基,但二人對武術的目的確是殊途同歸,求的是以武止戈,代代繁榮。《蔡李佛》是洪金寶與洪天照首次在戲中飾演父子,可看出洪金寶對兒子 的父愛,尤其片尾一句“你一定會超越我”,對照二人在現實中的關係,更添情意。如今,老一輩武打巨星漸漸老去,難見新人接班,甄子丹近幾年頻頻接戲,一定 程度上反證了優秀功夫演員的稀缺,《蔡李佛》由一衆年輕演員擔綱主演,既是無奈之舉,但從長遠看來,也是對演藝圈勢在必行的新血培養,誠意,勇氣足以先贏 一局,值得鼓勵。

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Impact Asia!

                     Hey there all.The new issue of Impact Magazine is out.  Inside you’ll find a story about Treasure Hunter, Directed by Zhu Yan Ping, starring Jay Chow and Lin Zhi Lin with action by CHing SIu Dong, plus one other familiar face...  The article is  interspersed with an exclusive insider intervwith yours truly and penned by the one and only Big Mike Leeder.   So get your copy now!!!                                           If you are in the UK you will have a better time of getting your hands on this treasure trove of pop culture, but if you are anywhere else in the world a simple visit to can tell you how to get your hands on this mag!There are very few mainstream publications about Action cinema out there and Impact is an holy beacon for both fans and professionals  about Action/Kung Fu Movies, Sci fi,  Anime, Comics and Video games. Basically everything that is leading the industry at the moment!       With Mike Leeder serving as the Far Eastern Editor for Impact we all have a local voice for what is going on out here in the Asian film world and beyond.      I would say this magazine is the single greatest resource for people interested in and involved in the Action, and especially Asian,  film industry.  For years, not unlike what Alive not Dead is doing on the Internet, Big Mike has provided a window for current events in the Asian Film industry,   with features like Hong Kong Homegrown,which gives a face and voice to local artists along with interviews, reviews, industry introspectives and histories.                                                                                                            Mike dictating industry standardsIf make your living entertaining people with explosive measures, especially in the Asian film industry and you aren’t reading Impact you are missing out on one of our most valuable assets!So get to it true believers,  Fly to it, swim to it, Demand it,  kill for it if you must(however I am unaccountable for such actions), beg for it if you've no other way,  but be sure to pay the cover price;-)                                     Get this magazine now!   Onwards and Upwards!

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You Know you've made it when...

You know you've made it when you wake up to find yourself on your favorite sci fi website. If only there were no other measure of success in the world ;-)

Yes folks, I admit it. I am a Sci Fi nut  and nothing has given me a greater feeling of success than to wake up and find Future X Cops the film I did with Ching Siu Dong, Andy Lau and  Wong Jing.on the front page of io9.com guy in the picture they used was a cool dude.he was from Africa, we did this one film and no one has ever heard from him again.we knew him simply as The Max.we had a great time shooting Future X cops.  if you get a chance, see what  the Sci Fi people have to say about it.If you want to see the film however you are going to have to wait.  There is so muh CGI and special effects in this, they sent it back to do more refinement.after Avatar the bar has been raised in the Chinese audience, so local films in post and pre production seem to be trending towards higher production values.I hope it continues this way.  Carry on folks!Ianany captions for this shot?

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Treasure Hunter and Future Cop

well,  it has been a while since I went on here.I am terrible about these blogs.So if you have not seen it yet, please go see Treasure Hunter  or at least buy an official DVD.Well, i have been remise is reporting about my adventures.Treasure hunter was a great show to work on, I had the privilege of again being called on by Tony Ching Siu Dong,   Action extraordinaire to work on Treasure Hunter. 《刺陵》Directed by the great Zhu Yan Ping  and produced by CHina film was a great experience.  I had a great scene  and a fight with Jay Chow, who is a super hard worker, and very talented. and of course lent my hand to the action team where ever needed.Ching Siu Dong is a tough man, but a great teacher.He really pushes you to your limits,  and puts you in situations that test you.Fighting with Jay Chow was a challenge, as finding the rhythm of a fight scene with someone who didn’t study martial arts for years is a completely different challenge.but we fell into step with each other and in the end the shot was good.We shot in this beautiful road house that was constructed for the film, and I had fantasies of coming back to the location after the film was done and shooting some fun low budget action movies there, alas my dreams were shattered as we destroyed the whole set.And not far off now,I will be in yet another film.   My first of the new year will be in theatres soonWong Jings Future X Cops. Starring Andy Lau            Da S       the incomparable Fan Bing BIng             Fan Siu wongand yours truly.and i made it on the poster this time.                                                   look upI want to say thanks again to director Wong Jing, the masterChing Siu Dong and of course China Film Group For Giving me this great opportunity.More about future X Cops to come...

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Comic Con was a blast, then we shot a short

So Cedrick and I showed our motion comics at comic con,  and they were quite well recieved.

Amazing experience comic con Form of Fanboy!!

now we are working on the next one.

Amazing experience that  is

We got back from San Diego and went right into pre production on a short we had been planning for a long time.  Him longer than me.

This project which is called Admiralty, because it takes place at a futuristic version of the Admiralty bus station in hong kong,   is an adrenaline fueled sci fi kung fu actioner that was amazing to work on.

Cedrick Chan Directed and I served as Action Director.

It was amazing because we did what normally sane people shoot in about 4-5 days, all inside one single shooting day.   Low budgt but we Kept the quality up with the hel[ of some great industry professionals.

I owe so many people beers ;-)

we each wore several hats on this one.

I even ended up being producer and setting up the shoot,  The entire crew was a walk back through all my years in china,  I think one of the only things that got us through is that we had all been working together for nearly a decade.

here we have Derek Ting as the Hero. He really can fly, no wires ;-).  He and Cedrick came up with the concept for the film years ago in hong kong, and never got around to finishing it, but now we have it in the can.

and femme fatale of china  Zhang Bao Wen,  former stunt woman on countless films through the years, now turned actress and kicking up the celluloid in China and beyond.

we were lucky to be shooting at a time when  several films were between ending and others beginning.

 We had a great team, with a mix of guys from Ching Siu Dong's team and Yuen Woo Ping's team

all great friends and great pro's that helped make the day go smoother.

  Stunt man Li Xiang From Yuen Woo Ping stuntman team

Having a good team that you have worked with and trust makes everything go smoother,  we all just knew what each other were thinking.

Now that I got the action in the can, Cedrick will work the real magic and put this all to a futuristic backdrop.  waiting to see what this is going to look like.

it's nice to be out there shooting star wars and sin city style.   so going to sit down and work on the next motion comic while were waiting to see the final product.

Stay tuned,  and check out impact magazine for more in depth articles about all this.

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Comic Con was a blast, then we shot a short

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