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Iana Ferro

"I am now something experimental" °•☆♥~

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Minha nova amiga ♡

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Bom dia ♡

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"So messed up I want you here In my room I want you here Now we're gonna be face-to-face And I'll lay right down in my favorite place."

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"Cruising down the Sunset Strip And there is nothing that's not That's not within my grip Oh, tonight I got it right Just one time."

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"You don't turn me off I will never fail. Things I loved before are now for sale. Keep yourself away, far away for me. I forever stay your perfect enemy."

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Libere os demônios de dentro de você e veja o que sobra... ☆

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Existem mil coisas nesse mundo que me fazem sonhar com diversas maneiras diferentes de viver, mas nenhuma delas me doma o coração quando é com a mente e o martelo que me encontro em uma direção. Geologia, te desbravar é a minha alegria. ♡ Eu amo Geologia ♡

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Say hello to the girl that I am! You gonna have to see throught my perspective. ;)

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All I need is love. ♡

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Iana Ferro


"Hey, run away with the light Run away its divine Let's run away, yeah, tonight, and We'll steal the light of the world" Hole <3 ...Read more

Gender Male
Favorite Faves Geology, Astronomy and Archeology.
Member Since July 10, 2008
City Other Brazil

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