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To... daydream?~

Just now, I am reading Van Ness Wu's blog here @ alivenotdead... and I came upon this sort-of intro for his first published book "Daydream":

"As a young buck, all the adults would tell me to stop day dreaming and focus on my school work...that day dreaming wouldn't amount to anything. But to me day dreaming is still dreaming...and if you have dreams continue to dream..." - Van Ness Wu

Daydream. I used to daydream a lot from grade school to high school, but as the years went by I saw myself 'abandoning' all my crazy dreams. Crazy as they seem in a sense that for others, they won't find their fulfillment in time, but hopefully by God's grace they will eventually. Actually, only He knows if all things will fall in place.

Anyhow, as I was saying... I used to dream of big things in life - just like most people across the globe. I wanted to become an artist in my own right - a singer, actor, songwriter... I also dreamed of becoming a successful businesswoman. But what the heck, I let my defenses down and succumbed to being what my parents wanted me to be... and I'm still taking up the course.

But just like most people across the globe, I never stopped hoping, dreaming, and praying that somehow... someday, things will turn out differently. And by differently, I hope that it will turn out for the good - just like the way I envision it. I never ceased to dream big and dream that there is still that hope lurking somewhere inside of me... just like what Van Ness mentioned, "... anyway point is to just keep dreaming, and imagining whatever... for your dreams are the foundation of who you are inside". Maybe just like him, I'd end up facing this turning point in my life where I have to take the risk in order to put into place what God will so graciously and lovingly bestow upon me.

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