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Okay, random much

Manila time: 11:42 PM

Before another day unfolds, I just want to look back on the things that happened throughout the day.

FIRST, it was a beautiful morning.

THEN, it turned ugly.

THEN AGAIN, it turned from worst to just plain tragic.

It's as if my whole being is crushed by a force as heavy as a thousand-ton boulder!~

I absolutely hate not being able to FOCUS.

FIRST, I nearly lost my mobile phone - again!

SECOND, the one who found my phone scared me out of my wits first before telling me the good news.

THIRD, I lost my seemingly price-y pink umbrella...

FOURTH, I had to buy the exact same one before going home - so my mom won't throw a fit at me.

Sh*t happens.

Why is it that the more sad I am, the happier my outer facade becomes?

... I giggle like a kid on heroine.

... I laugh like a child being tickled for the last five minutes or so.

... I play tricks on other people just for the heck of it.

... Etc, etc, etc.

How tragically ironic.

Today, my life is tragic.

  • and I can sense that I am turning manic-depressive again...

O Lord, I can feel the wrath of evil taking a hold of me...

And I don't want it to consume me...

Strengthen me O Lord and purify me...

That I may remain steadfast to my faith and remain in your loving arms...


In thy hands I commend my spirit.

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