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In A Throat-y Situation

Manila Time: 12:04PM

Thirty minutes ago, I woke up from a very deep slumber.

YESTERDAY: ... I went to our chorale practice.

... Then I attended our Student Council general meeting, which lasted very late indeed.

... At the mall, Byron madly grabbed my wrist and ran to the newly opened Team Manila shop.

... Then had dinner @ BK.

THIS MORNING, I wasn't able to go to Church because:

... my whole freakin' body was aching.

... I'd look like crap if I woke up that early.

... and I don't know why I can't seem to wake up.

AND now that I'm awake, I just found myself in a very, very desperate situation. I think I am slowly losing my voice... YET AGAIN!~ The last time it did was barely 6 weeks ago because of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection accompanied with Acute Pharyngitis.

Oh-em-gee. Our chorale's got a performance a week from now, and I've got a duet too!

O Lord, please please please please help me out on this one...

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