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From G.O.D. - With Warm Love

Manila Time: 9:50PM

Today... is the day that I have been dreaming of for the last 2 years since I started College. Although I have to admit that I am having the hectic days ever, I've never been more happy about it!

During classes:**We had a pop quiz that went very smoothly - and I'm pretty sure I got a good mark.

 **Although Nursing Research was quite a drag, it's still very informative and I must say it's a thousand times better than our previous Strategies for Health Education class.

After lunch:**I was accompanied by someone to run an errand outside school.

**... and yes, crossing a busy street while fast cars are driving your way - - was pretty exhilirating! (Note: Never do that again!)

Together with the Student Council, I screened some of the applicants for our upcoming project for the Foundation Week - - Campus Heartthrobs. It's a mix of me being discreetly cynical and overly subjective/objective of what the aspirants can bring to the contest to arrive to very crucial decisions on who to keep and whom to give the boot. Mind you, it wasn't as easy as picking stones on the roadside... In the evening:Went to the Chorale practice... learned a new song in 3 minutes, and received another great news!

**... Peqz, the External VP of the English Club & Chorale-mate, personally congratulated me on successfully passing the auditions for "Maskara" - their project which will include a basic theatre workshop - ending with a production (either drama or musical).

Yes, thank you God for all these blessings! You can always count on my unwaivering faith for having given me all these wonderful things life has to offer.

Random pic of the day:

This... is pure bliss. God is the best, forever and ever!

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