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Women, Empowerment and Blessings

Manila time:  11:10PM

Hey! I just got home after an overnight at Tagaytay for the recently concluded TOWNS Young Women Leaders Program. And I can never sum up the grand experience of being there.

Being there:

 **gave me a lot of insight

 **spiritually moved me to fight for women empowerment in society

**left me over the clouds (Note: All the guest speakers are fine women who contributed greatly for the welfare of our people, paved way for their great efforts to become recognized, and si...Read more

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From G.O.D. - With Warm Love

Manila Time: 9:50PM

Today... is the day that I have been dreaming of for the last 2 years since I started College. Although I have to admit that I am having the hectic days ever, I've never been more happy about it!

During classes:**We had a pop quiz that went very smoothly - and I'm pretty sure I got a good mark.

 **Although Nursing Research was quite a drag, it's still very informative and I must say it's a thousand times better than our previous Strategies for Health Education class.

...Read more
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'Ze Shotgun Auditions

Manila Time: 12:35AM

... stupid tall serving of Toffee Nut Latte is still forcing me to wake up - so I just have to blog before retiring to my humble abode.

Anyway, yesterday I was doing some council work when the English Club President asked me to step out of the office for some time... and asked me if I could audition for "Mascara". Since it's an opportunity that should never be missed, I submitted to it - amidst the fact that I was beyond un-preparedness plus the fact that I haven't been do...Read more

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In A Throat-y Situation

Manila Time: 12:04PM

Thirty minutes ago, I woke up from a very deep slumber.

YESTERDAY: ... I went to our chorale practice.

... Then I attended our Student Council general meeting, which lasted very late indeed.

... At the mall, Byron madly grabbed my wrist and ran to the newly opened Team Manila shop.

... Then had dinner @ BK.

THIS MORNING, I wasn't able to go to Church because:

... my whole freakin' body was aching.

... I'd look like crap if I woke up that ...Read more

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God Is Spanktabulous!~

Manila Time: 8:54 AM


My application for the upcoming TOWNS Young Leaders Workshop, which will be held on November 15-16, was ACCEPTED!~

I am in tears right now, seriously.

God really is Spanktabulous! (Spankin' Fantastic & Fabulous).

I am typing right now... ultimately worrying about my sore throat - - yet still feeling like I'm having one of the greatest mornings of my life!

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Okay, random much

Manila time: 11:42 PM

Before another day unfolds, I just want to look back on the things that happened throughout the day.

FIRST, it was a beautiful morning.

THEN, it turned ugly.

THEN AGAIN, it turned from worst to just plain tragic.

It's as if my whole being is crushed by a force as heavy as a thousand-ton boulder!~

I absolutely hate not being able to FOCUS.

FIRST, I nearly lost my mobile phone - again!

SECOND, the one w...Read more

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Slappin' It Real-Time

Okay, I really can't sleep.

Multiply servers are down for the past 3 hours. WTF?!?!?!

Anyway, at least I got this baby to post all my rants, rants, and more rants. Hahaha!!~

... then it got me thinking...

How the heck do I pimp my layout here @ alivenotdead?

Help, anyone? Oh well, at least this night... I mean break of dawn brought me some new knowledge.

For almost half a year, I told myself that the girl from Van Ness' "Listen...Read more

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Buttcracks of Dawn

Manila time-check: 4:30AM

... OKAY, why am I still up? Oh crap, I'm still perfectly awake - with no signs (and/or symptoms) of falling asleep anytime soon!~

And to think I have to go to school (again) for some council work... OH NO. It's gonna be quite a busy day tomorrow... who knows?

God, just help me out on this one... pretty please with a thousand Maraschino cherries on top?

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To... daydream?~

Just now, I am reading Van Ness Wu's blog here @ alivenotdead... and I came upon this sort-of intro for his first published book "Daydream":

"As a young buck, all the adults would tell me to stop day dreaming and focus on my school work...that day dreaming wouldn't amount to anything. But to me day dreaming is still dreaming...and if you have dreams continue to dream..." - Van Ness Wu

Daydream. I used to daydream a lot from grade school to high school, but as the years went by I saw myself &#...Read more

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