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Crazy Moment~

haha~ yesterday's band show just have little people to come, but we still play happy~

because all the guy come to see is really listen our music~

special thx for kiki to come to support~

after that we have midnight dinner with TS and their friends(around 20 people)~

we have go to eat hot pot~ have a wonderful and very funny moment~

and i play game with ar hing, and i lose it~ hahah~ the punishment is.........................

Tissue Hot Pot :

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My Dream~ haha~

tomorrow will have a band show~ but i cannot sleep~ and i remember my dream~

everyone~ we must have a target~ this will make you know what you are working for~

dream watch: Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic

dream car: Lotus Exige S

dream apartment: Royal Peninsula

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rock'n roll style~

this few day i am very busy for my part time job~ my life like a vampire~

anyway~ thats rock~!

focus on the show at tomorrow~ after that~ we have to start the big project~

finially i find my way~~ i love this style~!

and very happy that my best friend micheal finished his trip, and back from thailand yesterday~

haha~ very happy that we can talk phone again~ this few day i am damn bored~

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hahah~ damn~ tonight have a gathering with   Thorn Slaughter and The Squawk

we have go to eat curry at TST

and damn we have ordered the extra spicy curry~ damn spicy~

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Tear~ korea MV


i have seen this MV long time b4(around six years ago)

this is a nice song and nice MV, actually i don't know korean

but the the melody and this singer can make me get the feeling~

everytime i listen this song make me want to cry~ hahah~

also make me remember many things~ hope you will love it too~

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ALL MONEY GONE V2.0................

finally~ i have finished my final "metal gear" set, this is my dream gear~ now come ture~

haha~ they look great~ and fit for me~ i love them~! also spend all of my money again~ hahah~

next target~~~ PRS~!


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All Money Gone....

yo~ all money gone~ haha~

damn~ my old computer out of order few day b4..........(the day that i buy the ESP....)

i think i have used it for 4 years~ i don't want to fix it anymore~

so i have bought a new notebook, i think that pretty good and cheap price~

haha~ that really very high to use dual mon~~

here is my new working area~

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yeah~ today i have bought a second hand ESP custom guitar~~

very nice~! good look for Deathcore~ nice sound~ haha~

(photo with my lovely GIBSON)

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Yeah~ Eve of Sin have show at CIXI last night~

hope we can do more better at next show~

haha~ and then chat with TS-Hing at MK to today morning 8:00am~

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Rotten Paradise~

Few day b4~ i have go to take a photo with kiki at 三家村~

but the weather is not great that day~ have little rain~

that is a good place~ make me relax~

haha~ that make me more want to buy a DC, take photo is have fun~

Thx for you nice photo~

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