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Happy birthday of me@ takeout comedy

^ great shot by Fab Today is my birthday~ and i have a great celebration idea~ i have join the 2nd Annual HK International Comedy Competitions 2008 by Takeout comedy http://www.takeoutcomedy.com/ hahah~ i think this is the most unforgetable birthday~ actually i have lose~ but just for fun~ the winner Fab really vey very great~! thx for my best friend Vivek~ bring me to the new world~ and my new guitarist of Eve of Sin-Lab also have join~ this studip guy also is fail~ hahahah~ but we will keep going on it~! hope later will have a video to upload here~

^ Boss-Jami

^ 07 winner Vivek~

^ Chris Chan

^ new crazy guy that join EoS- LAB

^ haha~~~ me~!

hahaha~! finish~ very afriad~

^ Elisabeth, Lab, ME

^ John, ME, Lab


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