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sleep at night

Put them both together …. n you have magic ! Experts across the world have researched the effects of honey and cinnamon on the human body. They have discovered several uses and applications that help to cure common discomforts and diseases.

The recipe for this miraculous weight loss aid is very simple. Combine 1 teaspoon honey with one-half t...Read more

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Tell me your favourite flavours and I’ll try and incorporate them in your cake. Thats my line to everyone around me these days , thanks to the brand new kitchen aid which sits on my kitchen counter, screaming to used . I’m just looking for an excuse to bake and the fun of baking at home is you have full control over what goes in . So when it was father in laws birthday last weekend, I thought I’d make him a cake with his favourite flavours … only his most favourite ones are Chilli, vinegar and pickle  ! Haha that would be a real challenge...Read more

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roast chicken

But although food trucks aren’t exactly clogging the boulevards of Paris, there is a version of a food truck in France that’s pretty great (and no, I’m not talking about les camionnettes blanches) … and that’s the r?tisserie. Go to any outdoor market and there will invariably be someone spit-roasting meats of some sort. And I seem to always dial in on the poulet r?ti, the roast chicken. I actually stopped buying fresh chicken to roast at home because they do a better job with their glowing-hot ovens than my puny little four à maison can do.

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By noon yesterday, the temperature in my apartment was nearly 100oF (38oC) and with the sun bearing down full force on the entire city , and so few trees to provide any shade, it was the first scorching day of summer in Paris. Having lived in temperate San Francisco for much of my life, I was used to days that were always moderate; winter and summer weather could be nearly identical and one never had to do the seasonal ritual of the shifting of clothes when one season ended and another one began.

Another thing I got used to in San Francisc...Read more

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