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Happy Holidays to my friends and family in the U.S..

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Facebook friends and family, I am thrilled to announce that I’ve formed a production team with legendary A & R Director,Producer,Tracking and Mixing Engineer Chris Trevett.His astounding body of work has earned him 13 Grammy nominations and 2 wins.He has worked with Michael Jackson,Prince,Britney Spears,Backstreet Boys,N SYNC,Black Sabbath,Nine Inch Nails,The Roots,Boyz II Men and McCoy Tyner to name but a few.He has mixed and engineered records for many top name producers including Mutt Lange,Max Martin,Arif Mardin,Phil Ramone,Teddy Riley and Dallas Austin.I am h...Read more

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Sizzle Reel Sept. 2015

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Just finished a long and refreshing outdoor swim.The pool scheduling this year has been desultory at best.I'm thinking this may have been the last hurrah unless the complex condescends to keep it open while the warm weather lasts.Either way,it's been another wonderful summer of swimming in the South.

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Company Logo.

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This - Master

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This is a brand new song of mine called "Dawn"featuring the talents of Kira Small and Kevin K Rush Beckwith II

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Here's a new Pop/Hip Hop song called "Dawn" featuring the amazing talents of Kira Small and K Rush (Kevin Beckwith). http://soundcloud.com/howie-moscovitch/dawn

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beautiful summer evening here and the ice-cream truck is playing "oh tannenbaum".

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Im a Pop writer/player/producer in Nashville.I'm looking for great singers and singer/rappers to write with/for and produce.I do all styles of Pop including Hip Hop,R n B,Dance and Rock.

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