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Thanks for my 100 fans

Wow, I'm glad to have 100 Fans!   Thank you all of you.  Thank you for your support! 

Love, Hoi Yan

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BLOG: 1月21日



I wish I could keep learning with dance

I wish I could have my master degree in dance in US

I wish I could keep my admission with Tisch, NYU which accepted my admission for the past few years

I wish I could get a fellowship or scholarship

I wish I could get mark six

I wish I could get enough money

I wish my dream comes true!


Happy hopeful new year!

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Life is beautiful!

Oh, I didn't write blog for long time... 

First of all, I'm busy on audition and casting stuff.  Wanner to get more job...

On the other hand, I am busy on rehearsal with Dancing Angel.  "A performance of love and positive NRG, comprising modern dance & funky dance as well as beautiful songs. 'We see hopes in life and the beauty in your eyes! Life is beautiful cos I see & treasure love and you bring out the best in me!' 

"Life is beautiful!"

Thank you for all the support and love : >


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BLOG: 10月28日


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夢想 是一個目標,朝著目標進發,就會有更充實的人生!


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Master class with Nederland Dans Theater

First of all, Nederlands Dans Theater I (NDT I) was the world legendary modern dance company and this company premieres three modern masterpieces to launch the New Vision Arts Festival this autumn.prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

I attended the master class with them tonight.  It was interesting to know that they are contemporary ballet base, not only use ballet as warm up section.  They also used quite a lot ballet technique through out their work!  The piece which we had learned wasn't "really modern" I felt like contemporary ballet rather than US modern dance.  Instead of releasing technique and floor work, they used lots of ballet foot work! prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" / 

First of all, we did full ballet barre, (warm up, pile, tendus, jetes, rond de jambes, fondus, frappes, grand battements, stretching).  After that, we separated into two groups to learn girl solo and boy solo individually.  They also showed us how to make a piece with the same solo, dual, four in group, different variations, qualities, repetitions and using voice, etc. 

Looking forward to watch their performance in the coming weekend!!!


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這是一個關於愛與熱誠的故事。 祝福您從故事中能重拾希望的感覺! Video:

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Hi everyone

Hi everyone , my name is Hoi Yan Cheng. 

I am a freelance dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. I was born and raised in Hong Kong.  Iwas trained from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, school of dance. 



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