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LA is okay!

Just wanna let everyone know I am okay from the earthquake even I was right at the epicenter at Chino Hills/ Diamond Bar area.

As you all may know already, we just had a 5.4 earthquake.  It didn't feel as strong but surprisingly, people from SD and Vegas felt it too.

Beside there are things that fell off from my shelves.... everything is fine!  .... Just like they say about the prediction @ 99.7% California will have one greater than 6.7 earthquake within 30 years. All you can do is just brace yourself~

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My July4th Weekend

Hiiiiiiiii,,,,quick capture of my July4th Weekend...

I went on the cruise to Ensenada - Baja, Mexico.  It was awesome. It was my first cruise experience and I love it!  Although Ensenada the place itself isn't that great or pretty, but still some cheap and good foods around: the clams, fish tascos, many more... yummmm!!

I went on the Monarch of th...Read more

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PRAY for you all!

We all know about the sad news in China.

Pray for you all .... really hope that there are no more aftershock there. 

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Vote for my friend

Vote for my friend please:


She's the one in the middle -- "babedodo"

Thank you thank you!

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My co-worker

Let's see where should i start off my topic from...

So I have been working for full-time at this company for about 7-8 months.  The girl that worked the same dept and psotion as me (product support) taught me everything left the company about 1 month ago, so I got a new co-worker replaced her.  My new co-worker, AK, has somewhat working experience (according to my manager), divorced, over 35 years old, got a 6-8 yrs old kid. 

First, I wonder why a 30 something year old man only got "some" working experience plus AK ...Read more

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Spring.. my favorite season of the year. Especially in LA, when it is not too cold and not too hot (altho we still have like a 10 degree different from day to night for the temparature).

So I have been extremely busy these days. Work Work and Work! I have been sick for over a month after my trip to HK & TW. Then I had my wisdom teeth extraction done, which gave me pain for like ..2 weeks! Then my sis stayed in Hk for 2 months, so I had to do all these house work and be my mom's driver all the time!

But at least everything goes...Read more

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1 vs. 100

I was watching 1 vs. 100 tv show

Can you believe there are 19 people don't know the bottom color of the traffic light????

Anyway.. i think Hk should have TV shows like this or Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.. so educated.  Something fun like YOU THINK YOU KNOW THE LYRICS

here's another question from the show  (this is the last question of the day that makes that guy won 1 million and  beat 100 women)-

According to Hallmark, what is the biggest card-giving holiday of the year?

a. Christmas; b. Mothe...Read more

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Wow.. another year already! LA sucks for all the NYE celebrations... seeing all other places are fun and crazy, but not LA. I guess afterall LA needs a signature building or something, so everyone goes there to countdown.  I missed celebrating in HK.

My NYE, i went to few places but none of them is super excited especially with the wind... so freezing cold! Then 1/1 rested all day long since I have to work the next day.  I spent some time to think of the plans for 2008... some sort of revolution.  Heard from my mom ...Read more

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Merry Xmas


How is everyone doing? What you did over the holidays? So many of my friends went to vegas for concert, for fun, for relax, for.... i was gonna go too, but i ended up with my company's xmas dinner!

My company dinner sucks, no good food no prize, nothing special! Then, I also went to 3 other companies' xmas dinner. Had the best one with buffet in a hotel =P So, i can say my hol...Read more

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Scariest place on earth!

I had my annual dental check up over the weekend...sigh... one of the scariest place on earth (agree?).

I always know that I have my wisdom teeth there, just debating do I have to take them out.  Back in schools, the dentists that I had (in school) said if they don't bother me or they don't hurt, I am okay.  They did the x-ray and said they look ok. But just over the weekend, the new dentist I am having (cuz I am no longer in school; so I can't go back to school doctors without its insurance) said I need to take o...Read more

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Looking forward <3 (add me at hkswtie@yahoo.com)

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