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Moby, Jusice, and a Dorky Playmate

If you like Moby and Justice, or.... wanna see me being a dork, please check this link :-)


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You don't look dorky at all. The guy on the left looks like Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Boogie Nights, and the guy behind you has a tie that could blind a million people if it was on TV. I'm sure they make that top you're wearing in a bigger size, but I'm glad you bought the one you did ;P
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Djbam f8 djbam
so i take it that Moby performed a DJ set and not a live set? i'd read in an article years ago that Moby swore off DJing forever (though, that's how he got his start).
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Photo 50475
dorky but nice bunny look with glasses - luv it.
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