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Best Budget Dell Laptops for College Students 2016

Best Budget Dell Laptops for College Students 2016 - Do you really need a laptop? But, you are hampered by the expensive price? Do not worry, because all of those problems can be solved easily. Recently, the fierce competition of gadget makes its price to be cheaper over the time. It may be as the marketing strategy of laptop manufacturers to reach the market target and to touch all society levels. The new laptops are produced not only cheap, but also present a high technology and best quality. And now, this article is going to show you the list of cheap Dell laptops that will make you amazed.

Dell is a recommended brand laptop for you who crave low budget. So, are you ready to choose the suit type and budget of you? These are the cheap Dell laptops for you guys.

  1. Dell Inspiron 14 342 Black

The appearance is quite thin with 14’’ screen monitor. It is designed with Intel Celeron 1017U with VGA HD Graphics that allows you to work or play game smoothly. 500GB of data storage and 2GB RAM. It is also provided a Bluetooth, DVD RW, Camera and WIFI. It is also quite light not over two pounds. To have this light laptop, you simply provide less than $400. It is quite cheap, right?

  1. Dell Inspiron 11 3137 Black

The new innovation of Dell with 11.6’’ high dimension and touch screen monitor, the Dell Inspiron 11 3137 is ready to have. It is built with Intel Celeron 2955U, 500GB HDD, 2BG DDR3 and VGA Intel HD Graphics will spoil you with easiness, whether for gaming, entertaining or working. It is also provided a Camera, Bluetooth, WIFI and Waves MaxxAudio. Get this high innovation with $450.

  1. Dell Inspiron Vestron 14 5470 Silver

If you need a faster processor, the Dell Inspiron Vestron 14 5470 Silver is the answer. You can feel its sophistication with14’’ WXGA screen monitor, Intel Core i3-4010U processor and 500GB HDD data storage memory. The most interesting in this laptop that is you will have 4GB RAM and VGA Intel HD Graphics 4400. Like another standard laptop, you will get Camera, Bluetooth and WIFI. You will be spending much time for having fun with this high quality laptop. Do not worry about the price; you will spend less $700 to have it.

Make sure, you choose laptop that suits with your need and affordable. Do not waste money just for your desire, but you must think it wisely. If there is a cheap laptop with a powerful specification, why do you pay more expensive to get one? The right one you must choose is cheap Dell laptops for your pocket solution.

Reference : rajalaptop.com - Best Budget Dell Laptops for College STudents 2016

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