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So long have I turned from fear


So long have I turned in fear.

My back to it I could not see

The roar of flames could I hear

No escape, it seemed for me.


Darkness beckoned,

Despair loomed,

Fire or nothing,

I seemed doomed.


So long have I turned from fear,

But some small courage stirred within,

So I turned towards my rear,

Confronting that which seared my skin.


Fire beckoned,

Heat consumed,

Blinded by light,

Again still doomed.


So long have I turned from fear,

To die, I must?  Let it be here,

No longer will I run from that,

Unseen force once on my back.


I will face this powerful foe,

Even if it be my woe,

Better to die at this powers hands,

Then end my life in those dark lands.

I opened my eyes, looked on my fate,

I screamed with all my rage and hate.

The fire grew stronger with all my rage,

Till I was surrounded by a flaming cage.


My rage did die, I accepted my end,

But to my wonder the fire did bend,

Before me, a figure, clad in flame,

He beckoned towards me and spoke my name.


“I am Greatness” he said to me,

“Strength and Purity, all one can be”

As he approached the flames, now ember,

What I saw I will always remember.


I saw myself, my full potential,

Standing before me in all his glory,

This next part he said was essential,

To pass on to all his message and story.


So long have I chased you,

But you could not see,

That you were always running,

From all that you could be.


So long have I turned from fear,

Fearing that which mattered most,

My full potential lay so near,

But I had feared to be his host.

No longer will we fear our demons,

They only exist in those dark lands,

No demon survives within the light,

Its power and strength are far too bright,


Face your fears, become your all,

No longer cower, stand up tall,

Find within, your greatest wealth,

To be your True, Authentic Self.



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