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be careful on the road..........

2 serious road accident happened in these couple of days.

1 is juz below my office.happened juz 5 mins b4 i walk down for lunch.

death can be so close of everyone. treasure yr life..... ...



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yeah for sure! thanks for the blog.
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i wish professional drivers with innocent passengers on-board would act more responsibly and drive more carefully ..... especially in hong kong and china! i keep on thinking that this morning's tragedy in saikung could have been avoided ... crazy fool!
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It vindicates what I said recently about the issue of success with related the value of commitment. If someone is committed to their job, the safety of the people, who look at the value of their job in society as a service instead of just looking for their own gains, then maybe those 15 lives now gone for good, and the countless others who were hurt could now have been saved. About 4 years ago I encountered a similar event coming down at night from Ma On Shan in NT. I was on a night bus with my family, and this double-decker bus just kept flying like there was no tomorrow down the motorway. It is high time bus drivers are taught the awareness of commitment to ones job and the importance of putting safety first instead of their own selfish views. I will blog about this soon.
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YEAH, that's really right!
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