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Ray Park and Eriko Sato to Star Amongst the Stars in China’s New 3D Sci-Fi Epic




CANNES – 20 May 2010 – Fans of Asia-influenced sci-fi action films will be delighted to hear the key cast line-up of China's first ever international 3D sci-fi epic co-production, as announced by its producers today. Hollywood action star RAY PARK and Japanese actress/model ERIKO SATO佐藤江梨子will be joining China starlet LISA CHENG LAI SHOU鄭麗莎in the three leading roles of the new 3D FUTURE FIGHTERS movie

which is currently in development and is being billed as . They join a cast list including fighting legends China kungfu actor GORDON LIU劉家輝and, also announced today, Japan martial arts actor YASUAKI “DAVID” KURATA倉田保昭




RAY PARK’s California-based talent agency Global Artists Agency ( ) can be reached at

or +1-323-836-0320. ERIKO SATO is represented by her Tokyo-based management company Yellow Cab ( ), which can be reached at +81-3-5410-8088 or via fax at +81-3-5410-8089. LISA CHENG and co-producer GUY ORLEBAR can be contacted through Hong Kong-based production company Agog Films Productions ( ), at or +852-9418-6674. YASUAKI KURATA can be reached at his Tokyo-based stunt agency Kurata Promotion Company ( ) on or +81-3-3413-3462. GORDON LIU and co-producer RICKY “KK” WONG王家駒can be contacted through Hong Kong-based production company Cine-Century Entertainment Ltd ( ) at

or +852-2345-2983. Fellow co-producers MIKE LEEDER and BILLIE CHAN陳玉冰can be reached in Hong Kong through the production company Screen Ops ( ), at or (+852) 2104 2600, and the production/promotion/management company Adspeak Ltd ( ) at or +852-2311-8123 respectively.




As a self-described Jackie Chan and Jet Li fan whose movies inspired him to become an actor initially, Future Fighters offers the man behind the masks of such iconic characters as Darth Maul in and Snake Eyes in last year’s , RAY PARK, the opportunity to return to his Asian martial arts roots to act and perform under the fight choreography instructions of Jet Li favorite, action director DEE DEE KU谷軒昭. A popular award-winning actress and model within Japan, Future Fighters provides Eriko Sato with further international exposure following her praised performance by the international community as the titular lead action heroine in Hideaki Anno’s 2004 live-action adaption . Twenty-four year-old actress/model/athlete Lisa Cheng (also known as LISA SA) has already achieved major championship successes in competitive climbing, bodybuilding and gymnastics at both national and international levels, and is now launching her film career with a number of projects in China, and, through Future Fighters, the world. Yasuaki Kurata, longtime proponent for Asian action films who is widely known for his sparring with Jet Li in and who most recently appeared in the live-action adaptation of the anime and Jackie Chan’s “Shinjuku Incident”, looks to Future Fighters to further promote Japanese and Asian cinema and themes to the Western audience.


Co-producer Billie Chan describes their choice of cast: “ Fellow co-producer and casting director, Mike Leeder (“Fearless”, “The Mummy 3”, “Rush Hour 3”) elucidates further: Fellow co-producer and co-writer Guy Orlebar concludes:

And who will be the director? hints Guy Orlebar cryptically.




Future Fighters is a new live-action 3D science fiction movie to and featuring a band of freedom fighters and their mechanized warriors in the 22nd Century defending the solar system from an encroaching enemy. Co-written by STEVE TYMON and co-producer Guy Orlebar, and co-starring REUBEN LANGDON and KAZUYA SHIMIZU清水一哉, Future Fighters also features the talents of production designer GUIDO GUIDI , 3D cinematographer HENRY CHUNG , orchestral movie composer, scorer and conductor ROBERT ELLIS-GEIGER , sound designer MARTIN CHAPPELL , and New York Times best-seller novelist ALAN DEAN FOSTER , with LA/Tokyo-based Just Cause Productions Inc (www.for-the-cause.com) providing pre-production and motion capture services, Toronto-based Stereo 3D Unlimited (www.stereo3dunlimited.com) providing 3D stereoscopic production services, and Beijing-based Crystal CG (www.crystalCG.com) providing high-end CG modeling.


Co-producer Mike Leeder is also heading up the newly created Stealth Asia, a sub-label for UK's Stealth Media Group ( ), which was announced at Cannes on Monday, and fellow co-producer ex-Lehman Brothers banker

Guy Orlebar’s feature film debut ( ) is currently being represented by California-based sales agent LONG TALE ( ) at this year’s Cannes film market. Co-producer Billie Chan has marketed numerous films from high-profile directors including John Woo, Tsui Hark and Fruit Chan at all major international film festivals, including Wong Ka Wai's Cannes-winning and this year's Berlin festival winner .

Mike Leeder and Guy Orlebar,with fellow co-producer RICKY WONG, are also behind the new Triumphant Film Funds investment vehicle ( ) which was set up in March 2010 to allow investors to tap into the burgeoning global theatrical and blu-ray film markets, with its two Series 10 funds currently open for subscription until the end of June.



Founded in 2007, Agog Films Productions is one of Hong Kong's newest and most dynamic film production houses, specializing in quality independent movie-making with the freshest global talents, as well as in related comic and video-game development.


Be amazed. Be agog. Agog Films. 


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