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老公萬歲 Funny Scene

Video: The scene where I raped a boy in my recent drama

老公萬歲 .. Enjoy!

It was my first bed scene.. I loved all the comedy elements haha!

Will update Aussie photos sooon! Luv you guys!!

God bless you all!

<3 Gracie

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Admiral's Feast!

Hey Guys,

Now continuing the filming for Admiral's Feast in South Australia.. had a 100 year old tawny port a few days ago.. AMAZING.. and had kangaroo for the first time today.. and I COOKED IT MYSELF ON THE SHOW!!! Wahhhhh...

The past few weeks has been such a God experience.. I've needed much strength to physically and mentally on the show.. cuz it really is ALOT OF FOOD, ALOT OF LONG BUS RIDES, ALOT OF DRY SKIN (Causing itchy skin probs), ALOT OF nights of nonstop packing and unpacking.. cuz in South Aussie.. we're living in 9 dif hotels in 12 days.. only 7 hotels in 12 days of queensland.. so that should be better.. =)

I miss going to bed not stuffed.. but the food's just been incredible.  I think I'm not only falling in love with eating.. but with the art of cooking as well.. when you put alot of thought and energy into cooking a dish.. and it comes out nice.. and other people enjoy eating the food.  That's def a whole new experience that gives me a lot of joy ^___^

The show's showing every sunday night.. 8pm on TVB Jade.. so check it out when you have time.

I also had a personal interview on TVB mag this week.. you guys can check it out at

Anyhoozz.. almost done with the free internet in Hungry Jacks..

Off to Port Lincoln tomorrow for some fresh coffin bay oysters and mussles.. RAWR!

<3 Gracie

Heavenly Father, thanks for all your blessings during this trip.  May you help me to control my tongue and use me to shed more light in this tunnel of darkness.

let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger. James 1:19

Patience.. patience =)

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A Blessed Vacay: NYC!

I Finally Got the chance to go back to NYC for 5 Days (7-2 day for Air travel) and got to spend Chinese New Years and Valentines Day with Family and Friends! It’s been over 2 years since I last went back.  I have to say.. it was Amazing to see all my loved ones again.  I don’t want to share to much people photos because I want to protect my friends and family but Food Photos are always welcome right? =)

I ATE Lots and Lots of Food that I use to always eat in NY! HotDog’s, Pizza, Pancakes, Sandwiches, Bagels, Burgers.. etc etc.. I also got to eat Dim Sum with my which was fantastic cause I got the chance to catch up with everyone. Here’s some photos!! =)

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Strawberry Banana Pancakes at IHOPS! Wahhhh.. what a way to start the Day! =)

99 Cent Hog Dogs at the HD Stand in solo!!! WAHHHHH Soooooo Goood =) Grilled onions, ketchup and lil mustard. Delish!

The BEST most chewy Chinese Bakery Hot Dog Bun EVER!! My fav afternoon tea snack in elementary school.. Bakery on Elizabeth St near CT Icecream Factory =)

Ham and Egg Roll.. wow.. it was soooo goood.. almost like a crossant.. but just a roll.. with a yummmi milk tea.. this is how we roll!

Filet Mignon Burger, with big slice of Brie, caramelized walnuts and onions with a Big tomato.. absolutely best burger at RARE’s !!!! ^______^

It’s almost as big as my face xP

Fried Oreos for Dessert… wahhh sooo fattening! >___< But yummi.. remember guys.. 60% icecream 40% fried oreo.. or else it’s too greasy.. xP

Delicious Toasted Buttered Cinamon Raisin Bagel from Pick-A-Bagel (Lunch at Wagner’s!)

Science at its coldest =) I misss all the Handball and GDC!!

Bronx Science Snacks.. myyyy Fav Puffin Corn and Icecream Sandwich.. use to be 25 Cents! =)


Yummy KRN BBQ Squiddddd =D

This trip was definitely a blessing because I had a few days to relax and reminisce in my past.  I got to visit my elementary, Jr. High School and High School to eat all the foods I used to eat when I was younger.  Thinking back to the 17 years I spent in NY.  I just want to thank every person that came into my life, and touched me in one way or another, to everyone that ever believed in me, and truly loved me for who I am.  Thank You!

Wake up everyday counting your blessings cause you never know when they’ll be gone.  Live everyday with no regrets.  Sometimes, it takes one step backwards to see how far you’ve gone, then pump yourself up to take those next steps forward!

NYC will always be a big part me.  I love you guys with all my heart! God Bless! ^___^

<3 Gracie

  • Filming in Tasmania at the moment for the new food show “Admiral’s Feast” Will update photos soon.  It’s definitely very beautiful here! I’m soo thankful to have a chance to visit Australia for the first time! Thank you Father!!!
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Gracie's Mornings

The light starts to shine through the windows..

A sense of tiredness creeps in but you still long to stay awake..

You feel mischievious.. like a little kid stealing candy..

Sneaking a few extra hours into your day cuz Time is oh so Precious.

The birds start to chirp and  you start to hear people walking in the hallways..

Their busy day starts!

And while the world is worrying about the 100 things on their to-do list..

What do I do?

I brush my teeth, put on my fav PJs.. close my curtains.. breath.. relax... zzZzzzZZzz  ^_____*

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TVB Extravaganzaaaaaa! =)

Hey guys!

Last week was one of the busiest but happiest weeks I've ever had in TVB! I was working 8-10 hours on my new drama “ 刑警”everyday while rehearsing for the biggest show of the year- TVB Anniversary Gala 萬千星輝賀台慶! =D

This year I had the wonderful opportunity to again dance with many good friends in 「閃」耀「熱」舞潮人館! I remember I heard many of these songs when I was a kid. Can't believe I have a chance to sing and dance to it now haha! I was very nervous about my solo because I only got to test out the 4 inch heels in the morning of the show! I was very worried that I will slip because my solo was so fast. But very thankful, I completed the dance!! *I remember the night before, we had drama till 2:30am and I kept practicing that solo part over and over in the drama dressing room haha- practice makes perfect

Also it was my very first time singing a duet for TVB, so I feel very blessed to have this chance! The song 來夜方長is such abeautiful song! The first time I heard the song, I felt goosebumps all over my arms and my heart felt something magical. It made me think of meeting my prince charming one day and then singing that song with him. =) Special thanks to Pierre for singing so well and helping me with the lyrics! Grace will continue to improve on her Chinese and hope to sing even better in the future! =)

Also Special thank you to Cecilia Yau for the beautiful black/white dress and Ice Lam for the beautiful Italian Earrings and Bracelets!! You guys made me shine like a star on stage! Lots of love to yall!

TVB Anniversary makes me so happy. It's like having a graduation performance at the end of every school year. Every year I get to work with old friends as well as new friends I made during the year. I really appreciate every performance because I truly love the feeling of performing on stage for a live audience! I wonder what we'll get to do next year? Haha =)

Hope all of our hard work paid off and all of you enjoyed our performances!!


<3 Gracie ^____^

 Thanks to Cecilia and Ice for the beautiful dress and accessories.. I lo veeee it! =D  Yay.. Lorretta was the 3rd place my year in Miss HK, we got to perform together again! She sang wonderfully that night! =)


Got to dance with my lovely GF Janet!

Leanne rehearsed the opening with me!! Happy Birthday girl!!

 I loveee Timmy and Angela haha they always brighten up my day!! =D

My good partner Pierre Ngo for our lovely duet! He was soo focused on my dress not tripping me over as I walked down the stairs that he always tripped himself. Soo sweet =)


Linndaaa.. super wish I'll get to perform with her next year! GL in your new album babeee! Muahz!

 Fala, my sexy girlfriend.  Got to sing AND dance with her this yearr =) Lunch soon okies hun?


TVB 42nd Anniversary!! See yall next year! =D

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New Project

So it's been 3 days since the filming of my new drama "Ying Ging" 刑警

And I've already caught a stomach virus on the 1st night of filming.. non-stop goosebumps and shivers on the 2nd night cuz my character only wears Sleeveless clothing.. lolz.. and today had a slight fever but drank hot liquids all day.. soo i think i'm getting a lil better..

Tho the sickness gets me weak physically.. it's the acting part that i'm worried bout even more.. like is my character believable? Am I a good actress? Are my lines well delievered? What are my relationships with the other characters? There's so many things I wanna figure out.. but it takes time no? One day I might see my character as more of this type of person.. and then another day.. i'll see her more as this other type of person.. so then many things changes.. and the difficult thing about filming a drama.. is that they don't film by timeline of the story.. first day i was filming episode 12 then 2nd day episode 4 5 and 6, then 3rd day 1, 2 and 3.. soo relationships change right away.. and its not just me and one girl or guy, its me and the whole crime investigation team.. and of course i have to remember when i had my hair up or down, or what i was wearing episode 3 scene 17 because in scene 18 i have the wear the same thing.. but it'll be shot i don't know when in the future.. haha

It's soooooooo crazyyy.. At this moment i think i'm learning alot.. because my body's just getting use to the pace of other actors around me.. looking at the next scene while you're changing in the dressing room, fixing your makeup while you're going though the script with other characters.. always have a jacket or big scarf shooting indoors of TVB.. and of course a thermos with your most soothing drink.. mine is currently honey with a touch of ginger.. keeps me warm =)

I have to learn to speak clearly with my mouth but still make it look natural.. especially difficult for me when it comes to cantonese.. haha tho i can read around 70% now.. compared to like 20% when i first came to hk 2.5 years ago... the 9 tones of cantonese is like wahhhh!!  Sometimes because I'm trying to remember the tone of the word, i forget why i'm saying what i'm saying.. haha.. which makes me not so believable right? xP

In a very sleepy state right now so if my grammer or spelling above is off.. forgive me.. but what i do know is that... i'm having fun.. i have a great cast of amazing actors in the new drama.. it's gonna be 2.5 more months of freezing cold so i better take good care of myself.. and I'm just thankful.. of all that I have right now.. =) Keep praying.. cuz it makes all the difference =)

<3 Gracie

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RIP Patrick Swayze

Video: I still remember when I was a little girl in NYC, watching “Dirty Dancing” on a TV special for the first time.  I was unintentionally blocking the TV screen from my family because I was following the dance steps that “Johnny” was teaching “Baby”.  And I remembered my curiosity for dancing exploded at that moment.  “Did dancing make people fall in love?”, I thought.  When the final dance scene came on, my breath stopped and my heart fluttered, excited for the day when my prince charming will sweep me off my feet and we dance the night away! =)

Thank you for giving me this dream for the past 16 years of my life, and for being an inspiration to me and the rest of the world! To all the unforgettable performances you’ve created for all of us, Thank You.  May you Rest in Peace and be with the Lord =)

<3 Gracie

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Obama workin it!

Video: If the president of the United States of America is workin it.. why aren't you? ~.^

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Dancing Dancing and Dancing some more =)

Soo its been a while since I've had a live dance performance... especially one that's for the East Asia Olympic Countdown where i'll be competiting against the team that's representig HK in the actualy Olympics in Dec. >___________<

Jive is not my strength.. but it is a happy dance.. =)

Haha.. soo I guess i'll just have to pray that I do well.. and even if I don't I'll try my best and be my happpiesstttt =D


7:30pm Live on TVB! Check it out if you can! ^_^

  • A request from a new friend:

This is one of the Paso and Waltz dances from last year when I competed in Strictly Come Dancing II =)

Paso Clip:

Waltz Video:

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Being an Artist

 I think the simple definition of an artist is:

A person who creates art.

Seems simple right?

But how many of us have actually  been doing any  "creating" ?

How many have came up with something from your imagination or dared to do something that has never been done before?

How many  have spent the past X amount of years copying or plagiarizing what they've seen succeed in the past?

How many have repeated to do what's "safe" just so they don't have to face criticism from others?

As an artist, don't we have to take the risk of “creating” ?



Why spend your life walking in the footsteps of another when you can “create” a path of your own?

We should walk where no man has ever walked before...

And sometimes when you don't feel like walking...

Hop, skip, dance or do whatever your heart tells you to do.


Become a true Artist =)


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