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  • House tour (Sydney Part2)

    Thursday, Oct 15, 2009 7:17PM / Standard Entry

    One of the best things about coming home to the place you grew up in and still call home is simply....HOME itself!!!

    The morning after I arrived home, Mom was excited to show me a long time frequent visitor to our house...This pigeon has been coming to lay eggs at our potted plant once every year for the past 10 yrs~!!!  This is the picture I took through the window...

    It first started doing this the year my sister got married (it's perceived as a good sign!). The mommy pigeon was alerted to my presence and flew off...oops...but it gave us a chance to have a peek at the eggs underneath~!!!

    Um...yes...that IS a mahjong table you see...my parents wanted to give them some privacy so we blocked the corner off from human traffic 'threats'~! Hahahaaaa...

    Next on the tour of the house is something else my parents are proud of...our own papaya tree! The fruits are sweet and seedless = PERFECT!!!

    My favourite tree is actually our lemon tree. It's been at the house longer than us and every year, every season, it yields many many delicious lemons~!!!

    I am praying that the weather heats up enough so I can relax in our pool...bring it on Aussie summer.

    No pics of me this blog, but more birds~! These beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets come to our house daily by the dozens - always in pairs as they're also known as the 'Love Birds'  which is really endearing but they often wake my up with their squawking really EARLY in the morning! Grgrggrrrrrrr.....Mom feeds them a little bread sometimes...but that means they have developed the habit of coming RIGHT ONTO our screen door and 'demanding food' when they see us inside.

    I'll leave you with pics of my 2 fast growing nephews and 2 adorable nieces, whom I've been spending alot of time hanging out with.

      FAMILY QT makes me happy~!!! 


  • Happy times in Sydney~!

    Monday, Oct 12, 2009 8:29PM / Standard Entry

    Hi Guys~! I'm currently at home in Sydney 'recharging' my soul and am so happy to be able to spend time with my family once again~!!!

    On my flight, I enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate...


    and watched 2 1/2 movies...Don't you hate it when it's nearing the end of the movie and it looks like you're about to make it and watch it to completion...when....the endles announcements start interupting you?!?!? ARghh....Nevermind...will be watching the end of 'The Proposal' with my girlfriends Wednesday night after a lamb roast dinner~!!!

    My trips home are always filled with QT family time and ofcourse, my favourite foods!!! I've already clocked a few of the 'must haves' which include:

    1) Best tasting and freshest YUM CHA at the newly opened dimsum place at the Sydney Fish Markets! Two of my favourite Sydney food hits in ONE spot, HEAVEN~!!!


    Yummy 'Har Gau' (Prawn Dumplings) in the bottom of picture~!!! I ate about 5 myself!

    YumCha in Sydney still tastes the best to me because I feel the ingredients inside the things such as prawn dumplings are fresher and that's really important! I don't like to bite into suspect, mushy fillings that are nowadays commonly imported from...um...'other countries'.

    I also enjoy it more when my dimsum is served from the traditional push-carts...it completes the whole experience! I really don't like to order it off a 'tick' page/menu...

     My lovely niece and nephew enjoying the feast.

    Other Fish Market Sights:

    My other favourite thing I always OD on when in Sydney - - - lots and lots of OYSTERS~!!!

    I can eat about 2-3 dozens of these~!!! *slurp!*

    Ok, thats all for now. Will keep you guys posted on my trip~!


  • ...as the wind blows...

    Tuesday, Sep 15, 2009 1:22AM / Standard Entry


    As the wind whips the violent rain

    upon my windows

    this endless typhoon night,

    my mind wonders and carry me to a place...


    A place of comfort, this is

    Winds howl here but with no malice

    just another element, blending in...

    with the sands, the trees and the rolling waves

    this is where my heart and being is alive.


    Through the years I've become a city girl


    the bright lights, the constant change

    But on a night like this, every fiber in me

    screams a yearning so loud...


    Now I see.


    Let me go to another time, where I can

    be free with the wind in my hair, stars in my eyes

    and laughter fills the air.

    Where the feel of sand underfoot and

    the kiss of the sun

    upon my closed lids

    are all the promises and simple pleasures I need.


    But here I am, as I lay awoken

    still in this strange metropolis.

    Where drums beat in tune to the white wash

    like the trouble thoughts swirling in my head...


    I will find that place of comfort one day, I say

    And with hope, we all go on.

    Everyone has a destiny

    or so they say...



    but what is mine?




    What is mine?



    And how can a night like this

    answer me?


  • Transforming Owl~!
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    Wednesday, Sep 2, 2009 3:02PM / Standard Entry

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es52WQKLumI

    Hey guys~!

    Long time no see, totally my bad but please don't blame a girl for heading outdoors and having fun during my favourite season - Summertime~!

    I'll update you all in what I've been up to on another blog, I promise! But right now I want to quickly share a video I find totally fascinating, hilarious and educational at the same time.

    Hope you all like it~!!!


  • Grace in 竊聽風雲 'Overheard' Movie (with Daniel Wu)!!!
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    Wednesday, Aug 5, 2009 7:15PM / Standard Entry


    The HOTTEST summer blockbuster movie '竊聽風雲' / 'OVERHEARD' premiered Tuesday night in HK and will be hitting cinemas all around Asia this week!!! EVERYTHING about it is HOT HOT HOT~!

    Here I am arriving at the movie's premiere...          

    I spoke with Daniel for a bit after arriving there, but before I had a chance to grab a photo with him, he was ushered to do the press line...doh~!  and so this was the only picture I got of him all night!  Of course, the main cast was totally coveted by the press and their long lenses the entire time!!!


    1. The team behind the movie and story is HOTWritten and directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong - the masterminds behind the 'Infernal Affairs' trilogy - and produced by Henry Fong and Derek Yee, this crime thriller is a nail-biter all the way to the end with a few twists, dramatic surprises (wouldn't expect anything less!), and also some touching moments and comedy thrown into the mix.  A total MUST-SEE! 

    (Left to right: Felix Chong, our very own Conroy in da house, Alan Mak and moi~!)

    2. The all star cast is MEGA HOT:  AnD's Daniel Wu 吳彥祖, Louis Koo 古天樂, Sean Lau Ching Wan 劉青雲, Zhang Jingchu 張靜初, Alex Fong Chung Sun方中信, AnD's Michael Wong王敏德, Stephen Au歐錦棠, Sharon Luk陸詩韻, Queenie Chu朱慧敏, Lok Ying Kwan駱應鈞, Dominic Lam Kar Wah林嘉華, Waise Lee李子雄, William Chan陳偉霆...and....AnD's Grace Huang!!!  Okok...I had a small role in the movie too~!!!  

    This picture below was taken of me with Daniel and uber awesome directors Alan Mak and Felix Chong on the day of the shoot.

    I am so VERY VERY honored to have had the opportunity to work with such an awesome team!  The crew was so professional and both directors were super cool, chill, and had kind and encouraging things to say about my performance, which I'll always remember and hold dear in my heart~!

    My role was 'Jenny', Daniel Wu's character 'Max's' fiancee!!!  Jenny was Max's long-time sweetheart/girlfriend who happens to be from a very wealthy family.  They get engaged, are in the process of moving in together, and then Max comes under heavy pressure from Jenny's dad to...step up and perform~!!!

    Unfortunately, as in all projects, you can never predict what ends up in the final cut...the scene between Daniel and me ended up much shorter than what we shot, which was a total bummer for me.  It was kinda a shame because I felt that the final version didn't give the audience a chance to see a really cute and tender moment between Jenny and Max.

    If included, (there's always the uncut DVD version!), I feel the edited scene would've added more depth into the understanding of Max and his motivation behind what/why he did what he did in the movie - which was why the scene was written in the first place...   Oh well~!

    Working on 竊聽風雲 gave me my first chance to work with many greats in the HK movie industry and I'm so so happy for that!!!  It's a solid start and I hope to get a more prominent role in my next movie...fingers crossed~!

    Here are a couple more pics taken at the premiere.  There were so many huge stars that turned up to support the movie; I really wanted to take pics with ALL OF THEM but I didn't want to be 'one of those crazy stalker type fans' so I just took it all in mentally...but thankfully, my dear dear Raffi was a total sweetheart and took some of the following pics for me on his camera~!  Thanks Raffi!!!  

    林嘉華 (Dominic Lam)!

                                          (Reggie Martin, G, Andrew Lin and Vivian.)

    All in all, 竊聽風雲 / Overheard is a great movie and I'm so proud to have been a part of it. This one's bound to be a multiple award winner come this year's award season.

    Make sure you guys check it out~!!!



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