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  • •Nanami Cowdroy - Seven Seas 七海展覧会 Artwork Exhibition (Part 2)

    Thursday, Nov 19, 2009 10:59PM / Standard Entry

    Went to my friend Nanami Cowdroy's "Seven Seas 七海展覧会 Artwork Exhibit opening tuesday night and man, I fancied her works but to see so many of them infront of me...they are absolutely AMAZING & took my breath away~!!!

    I had a dinner commitment that night so I popped into ufoArtGallery right at 6pm and was the 1st one there~!  

    It was great coz it meant that I had a 'private showing' of Nana's works without having any of the fab stuff blocked by other people standing around.

    My favourite piece 'Geisha Yume'~!

    The cool people at ufoARtGallery: Kate, Holger and Jane.

    Another one of my favourites, a Canadian maple skateboard deck laser etched & engraved.

    The gallery started to get a few visitors as I was leaving and Etchy was nice enough to pop by also...here's the photo he so kindly took for me so I could add it to my blog....GREAT TURNOUT~!!!

    There were also cute inky pieces jewellery too! I'm not going to post all the pics I took of the great stuff at the gallery  ...U can go & check it out yourself~!!!

    The exhibit runs for 2 more weeks until Dec 1st!

    You can read my previous blog , see the event page about this exhibit and learn more about Nanami from her website.

    Leave me your comments after you've been to see Nana's work~!!!

    I'd love to hear what you think!


  • Nanami Cowdroy - Seven Seas 七海展覧会 Artwork Exhibition

    Sunday, Nov 15, 2009 12:25AM / Standard Entry

    Nanami Cowdroy, my dear friend from Sydney who is an amazing artist with a vibrant personality is having her FIRST HONG KONG EXHIBIT next week and I'm SO PROUD of her!!!

    Her work is (in my own words) EDGY, CONTEMPORARY and SENSUOUSLY CLASSIC at the same time. I love every single piece and wish I had them all.

    Opening night is Tuesday, 17th Nov 6-9pm with a free cocktail party so hope to see you all there! The exhibit runs from 17th Nov - Dec 1st.

    Please make sure you find the time to pop down to the ufoArtGallery and check out Nanami's FAB work!!! (G/F 39 Graham Street, Central)

    There is an events page so all the info is also on there. Feel free to RSVP~!

    Some of her work is below and her awesome website is www.nthread.net .

    A group picture...Nanami is the hot babe in black

    Please make sure you find the time to pop down to the ufoArtGallery  in Central and check out Nanami's FAB work!!!



  • Mission accomplished and the appearance of a new egg...

    Friday, Nov 13, 2009 4:22PM / Standard Entry


    On my recent trip back home to Sydney, I had one very important task given to me by my Dad. Sort out our home INTERNET CONNECTION!

    Our house has been somewhat 'cursed' and have never been able to access the internet for the past few years. SHOCK HORROR, I know!  We have tried many times but it took many calls to the phone company, was frustrating and hard to pin-point the problem and somehow has always failed...

    Some say it's because the existing Australian phone line system is old so therefore the quality is bad...Whatever the case, I was given this mission this trip and I was determined to have my parents able to explore the wonders online that we take for granted everyday.

    SO, to cut the long story short...after signing up for a ADSL plan and endless phonecalls with the technicians 3-4 times a day, everyday....not only am I now on 1st name basis with the wonderful people at the ADSL provider company, WE FINALLY GOT INTERNET~!!!! 

    With only 2 days left to my stay, it was a race against time to cram and teach as much computer knowledge and computer terminology  to my Dad as he can handle...As abit of background, my Dad has used a computer less than 5 times before this so imagine me explaining the following in 2 days:

    How to use WINDOWS, what an Internet Explorer is, the concept of a HOME PAGE and subsequent pages, LOGINS (and why we need them), who pays for all of this stuff we see online, what FACEBOOK is, and ofcourse, how to check out my AliveNotDead blog~!!!

     It's only been two weeks since I left Dad infront of the computer...all worried and still full of questions. But I'm PROUD to say, he has AMAZED me!

    Not only has he successfully navigated his way through all of my Alive blog contents, has been emailing everyone telling them he is now available online, I was very happy to see him frequently making cute comments on facebook photo albums of our friends and families!!! 

    Remember my last 2 blogs about the birds nests at our place? You can catchup and read Part 1 and Part 2 here.

    Well, relating to the above blogs, I get an email (our newest favourite way of communicating now that he is online everyday) from Dad 2 days ago saying:


    "...Here's something really cute to tell you. After you left Sydney, I washed and cleaned up the birds nest area on the balcony (since the little birds have flown away). Last night, I suddenly saw a new nest in the same place and today, I was surprised by the appearance of another little cute white egg." How cute!!!  We have back-to-back bookings at our newly coined  'Birdy Birth Nest'~!!! Dad is asking me wether we can advertise the nest space for lease online....hahahaaaa!!!


    Coming up on my next blog...the long awaited

    'DEAD NOT ALIVE' Halloween party pictures~!!!


  • The babies are here~!!!

    Saturday, Oct 31, 2009 12:21AM / Standard Entry


    Guess what?!? Remember the little eggs that the pigeon mom was taking care of on our balcony (from my previous blog)? Well.....They HATCHED~!!!

    These pics were taken a week and a half ago...

    And these were from 3 days ago. As you can see, the eggs hatched and the little birdies grew bigger...Now they're ready to set off into the world!

    Taken on my last day in Sydney, I didn't get to see them fly off...but I wish them luck and hope their Mom (or themselves!) come back next year for another round of egg laying & baby raising.

    Looking forward to tomorrows Alive Halloween party and my cousins wedding on Sunday. Will blog with my pictures from both events next week. Now I have to go and prepare my Halloween costume!!!



  • New LUKFOOK tv commercial out~!

    Saturday, Oct 17, 2009 10:52PM / Standard Entry

    My new tv commercial for LUKFOOK jewellery is out!!!

    It's a very endearing story about best friends who grew up together but were very different in personality (as reflected in the way they dress). I'm the one who always wears pretty dresses and my best friend was always the more 'tomboy' of the two. I decide to change and go to the wedding wearing something more...casual...

    The voice you hear in the commercial is me saying:

    "Today, I should not be the prettiest...even though I'm usually the one who likes to dress up...

    After all these years, we're still the best of friends...

    Today - she should shine and be most beautiful.

    Love...is beautiful."

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1w7FKIMRe4

    It was a really fun shoot with a GREAT team. I've worked with them several times before and will definitely post behind the scene photos of the shoot once I get back to HK and have access to my hard drive! The two little girls were really cute and fun to work with also...up and coming stars of the future I'd say~!

    This shoot was interesting because the instructions were to keep me as simple as possible...no beautifying mkup and 'added extras' such as false eyelashes (which is the norm these days even off camera for many in the industry) to make sure I was...to not outshine the bride...Ofcourse I totally GET IT as that was the whole point of the story(!) but it was a weird experience to shoot a tvc and not look a 'certain way'....!!!  Oh well, I hope I don't look too bad!!!      Oh!!! Also, on the last shot, the director asked me to think about my own best friends wedding and I was actually tearing up with emotion...hope u guys caught that(!)....Kekekekkeeeeee all of you out there who know me knows I get all mushy and emotional at things like that~!!!

    On Lukfook's own website, you can catch my tv commercial again, along with one beautiful Elvanna Raine (fellow ALIVE artist!) shot for Lukfook also!!! The 'behind the scenes' (3rd video down the page) is interesting so check it out, I speak a little in it . http://www.lukfook.com.hk/ 



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