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  • I am STUPID.

    Wednesday, Feb 10, 2010 10:32PM / Standard Entry



    Hmmm...How fitting that I was a lucky recipient of a 'Be Stupid' shirt by uber cool Diesel.


    If turning your back on the ultimate opportunity to be famous in HK as a teenage model is STUPID,


    After that, getting through a University degree and THEN deciding, "Lets try my luck entering the model/acting industry in Asia".....STUPID?


    After all my trials & tribulations, heartbreak & self-doubt while soul-searching and journeys around the world trying to figure out what it is exactly that makes me happy, I am estatic to declare that I have found it.

    And I am HAPPY to have done it MY WAY.

    The long way.

    The 'STUPID' way.


    If not for all my convoluted ways of finding and getting to this point, I would not have the developed strength, patience, dedication and appreciation for what I have arrived at.


    But I am here now, with all of your support, to embark onto my next 'STUPID' step.


    To throw caution to the wind and pursue my dreams 1000%.

    No FEAR, No 2nd Chances and No Turning Back.

    Most importantly, NO REGRETS.


    Because having to live with regrets would be REALLY REALLY S.T.U.P.I.D~!!!


    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4h8uOUConE

    Diesel - Alive Not Dead

    Diesel - BE STUPID


  • Longines event with ChiLing- Arabian Nights theme~!

    Monday, Feb 8, 2010 2:19PM / Standard Entry

    Last Friday, I had a chance to work the launch event for the PrimaLuna line of watches for Longines.

    I was happy to have a few quick moments to catch up with a friend from my modeling days in Taipei...the famous model/actress Chi-Ling 林志玲~!!! She is still the same sweet person that I knew from all those years ago, and even though we have fallen out of touch since then, I am so happy for all her successes. It was great to be on the same stage. Hope to be in a film with you in the future Chi-Ling~!

    Above two pics are courtesy of fellow AnDer Eugene Yau, Thanks so much, sweetie~!!!

    It's always fun to get to work with friends! Here's my mate Cyrus Chow, who was the MC for the event.

    Does the male Arabian hottie on the left look familiar?

     It's non other than AnDer Damon Howe~!

    My girl posse for the night. On the left, it's Carrie Lam 林莉 (doesn't she have an uncanny resemblance to ChiLing?), Emma, the G and Masha

    The outdoor area of The MIRA was beautifully transformed that night, into an Arabian Heaven~! I've only been there for work but after taking a good look around this day, I saw that it is a great place to hangout for dinner and drinks with friends. I'll definitely be coming back soon!


  • Totally awesome Legend Fighting Championship Night
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    Saturday, Jan 16, 2010 12:05PM / Standard Entry

    On Monday night, I went along with abunch of Alive guys to watch the Legend Fighting Championship at Star Hall. I went because I've always enjoyed watching pro-fights but man, did I get into it!!!

    Let me start from the beginning:

    The hall was set up with 4 huge projector screens so you can see the details and zooming-ins of the fights. We were seated in the 1st row so the view was fantastic. Every fighter's entrance was dramatic and I've come to realise the music you'd choose for your entrance is VERY IMPORTANT.

    We, the audience would erupt into dance and thunderous applause everytime a popular song with a heavy beat or cool rhythm came on. The song that got the most reaction from us (the um, VERY LOUD and outspoken corner of the hall) was when the ROCKY 'Eye of the Tiger' theme song came on!!!

    I soon realised that another way of getting attention for the fighters is their attire...To me, tighty whiteys wouldn't be MY first pick while enganging in a very physical contact sport...but, there were about 3 pairs that night. You're looking at Korean fighter Jo Nam Jin, the winner of the 2009 Sengoku Rookie Tournament. He holds a professional MMA record of 3-1.

    Apart from the amazing fights onstage, the guy's bodies and various tattoos were great to look at also~! The fighter on the left is Kwan A Sol from Korea and just look at the incredible wings tattooed on Masaya “The Japanese Assassin” Doi~!!!

    We also couldn't get over the resemblance of the fighters to other Alive artists! The verdict was this: If Brian (from 24Herbs) had a kid with DJ Drafus, we'd have another Kwan A Sol. And Masaya must have a long lost twin or a cousin called Darren. E. Scott~!!!


    Look at them abs~!!!  Bae Myung Ho and Yoshitomo Wantanabe, u rock.

    These boys are totally SERIOUS about their craft. No guy would allow themselves to get into a human pretzel otherwise...well...atleast not infront of a crowd anyways~!

    I was cheering on all the Australian & New Zealand fighters ofcourse (4 in total this night), but I got REALLY into it and HEATED on the last fight of the night. It was between Aussie Adrian 'The Hunter' Pang and South Korean Nam Yui Chul.

    Here's abit about them from the Official Legend Fighting Championship Website:

    "Two of Asia’s top athletes, both of whom have extremely aggressive fighting styles. Nam, who trains with Korean Top Team, holds a professional MMA record of 13 wins and 2 losses. He began his career as a contestant on a Korean MMA reality show, and became the welterweight champion of Korea only 3 years later. Pang, known as “the Hunter,” has a professional record of 15 wins and 6 losses, and currently holds the lightweight championship belts in all three major Australian MMA competitions. In his youth, Pang studied Kung Fu in Hong Kong. Both men are looking to make their mark on Hong Kong by winning this match in dramatic style."


    They fought SO HARD! Every blow had the audience gasping and cheering. Adrian ended up getting quite beaten up in the face and if you look closely at the photo above, I managed to catch a huge drip of blood coming out from his mouth...he TOTALLY won the RESPECT of everyone there that night as he DID NOT give up and kept going into the ring for the kill.

    His blood covered the floor, sprayed all over the opponent's shoulders, and he kept going. See how bloody his towel was??? R.E.S.P.E.C.T to you ADRIAN~!!!

    I must say, I got REALLY aggravated watching this fight because (ok, to be PC about it), IN MY EYES, the Korean fought dirty a number of occassions. Some ppl that where there that night ARGUE that Nam was 'technically a better fighter' but KICKING Adrian in the BALLZ a few times, even to the point where Adrian fell to his knees in pain?!?!?!? COMON~!!!!  THAT is NOT 'technically' ACCEPTABLE~!!!!! Needless to say, I was ON MY FEET screaming at the top of my lungs...not in a lady-like manner, mind you ....but I'm a loyal spectator and if you're fighting in such an unfair way, you'd better expect me to be cussing at you.

    I surprised all the Alive boys with my aggressive nature that night, I think...but I realised I might've really scared Mr. Lee, Annie's dad, who was in town visiting. We sat next to eachother, and I'm sure he didn't think I was capable of the 'burst of enthusiasm' at the end of the fight.  Sorry if I scared you Mr. Lee~!!!

    All in all, a GREAT night out. I'm hoping more MMA events come to HK so I can go watch~!!!




  • Painted by Simon Birch~!

    Friday, Nov 27, 2009 6:45PM / Standard Entry

    Another amazing 'FIRST' experience has been chalked down...I was painted!!!
    By uber awesome SIMON BIRCH~!!!
    Simon's latest exhibit at Chancery Lane Gallery launched on Wednesday night and a throng of art lovers and friends showed up to support (but ofcourse~!!!).
    I didn't have my camera with me so these pics here were kindly supplied by (the always camera totting) Etchy. Thanks again mate~!!!
    So, when I showed up the night of, Simon came up to me and said "SO, have you seen yourself yet?" I was a little surprised...but SO HAPPY to be in this particular exhibit!
    I DID pose for Simon a few months back but haven't asked him how things were going with my piece since...I was too shy~!!! I mean...what if I wasn't ...a paintable subject???
    So Yayyyyyyyyyyy, I'm IN~!!!!
    I quickly ran in and took a pic with 'The piece' called 'GRACE' (the other me!) and Simon. (Sorry about that smug look on my face...that's my "cat ate the cheese" look...)

    After that, everyone had me stand there and 'pose' so they could get a shot of both the Graces in the same angle (and embarrass me at the same time...coz it took SO LONG~!!!)...
    Ok, I was the one who couldn't get the angle right.....
    Even Archie, who was visiting from L.A. with Karin for the premiere of their movie 'People I slept with', got in on the art direction of the 'angle shot'...HAhahahaaaaa Thanks Archie~!!! 

    I think we got it....
    What made me happy also, was the fact that the painting was already SOLD by the time we saw it~!!! See that red dot on the corner?  
    Thanks for making me a 'work of art', SIMON~!!!
    There were many things happening that night at the exhibit, with a great band performance by Chochukmo, and many other beautiful paintings by Simon. Go checkout other people's blogs & pics below!

    People, go checkout Simon's exhibit yourself to see how amazing his works are!
    10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Central, Hong Kong.
    It's on for a couple of months so stop by anytime, 10am-6pm, Mon-Fri.


  • Dead Not Alive....Halloween 2009
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    Tuesday, Nov 24, 2009 1:00AM / Standard Entry


    Ok, so these are the long awaited photos for the best party in town every year come Halloween time. Please let these supplement those you have already seen.

    Are you ready for the DEAD NOT ALIVE party pictures?!?!?!!

    We knew we were in for a good time when Etchy met us at the door with a flaming H-O-T jacket.

    The crowd was pumpin'~!!!

    Because our resident DJ, Nat King Soul was rockin' them beats~!!!

    Everyone had fun, even that damned tall Snow White...what have the dwarves been feeding her?

    The armed forces were there to make us feel safe...

    And the animal kingdom sent their representative...our favourite lion! Roarrr~!!!

    *Bewitched* for sure~! Hope she brings him back 'alive'!


    All sorts of characters were there that night...

    Mr hunky wolverine was too much for me...

    wait...is he FOLLOWING me?!?!!??!

    I got sick of being bullied so decided to fight back~!!!

    And was rewarded by an angel kiss~!

    I was most scared that night when bloody FREDDY ran up to me and wouldn't let me pass...I kept screaming...until he pulled the mask off and assured me he was a friend...PHEW~!!!

    Looking forward to the horror you have instore for us in 2010 Halloween Dead Not Alive~!!!



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