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Try after try after try. Hellz yeah boys!!! What a fantastic win tonight Rabbitohs 42-16!!! @samburgess8 @burgessgeorge @thomasburgess @itsmejuliebe

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Supporting our #rabbitohs boys. Go get em @samburgess8 @burgessgeorge @thomasburgess

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Good to feel the wind in my hair again #home

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Such sad news re Robin Williams. His talent and ability to give us joy & laughter is celebrated in our hearts as we mourn his death. RIP you amazing man. May you be in a place where you're free to be. Free from pain.

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Hilarious night catching up with my #開腦儆探 co-stars @becarefullee #華哥 and 安導演 . Homies & friends forever #blessed

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Photo uploaded.

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Catalunya I want to live in your iberico truffle bikini pork belly delishessness for about 6 months. That's cool yea?

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Being home in Sydney then in LA and Hong Kong the last couple of months, hanging out with family and friends, forming new friendships and even unexpectedly bumping into old pals on the street...I realise and am so humbled by how amazingly blessed I am to have such a big family of love around the world. I have so many amazing people who love me, support me, keep me grounded, introduce new experiences, cheer me up and cheering me on when even my seemingly endless optimism is on the brink of running out...and also 'trying' to talk sense into me when I am determined to do something unconventional or crazy...ha!

I want to thank you today and sending love out to everyone who has touched my life in many ways the past years. You have shaped me to be who I am today. Good or bad, the decisions and experiences I have been through and carry with me today, I treasure. I value so much more what I feel inside than anything I can ever physically own. And that's all thanks to you. I am blessed. I truely am.

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They grow up so fast but she still melts my heart this little one 💗💗💗

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Grace Huang (Chinese: 黃芝琪) is an Australian actress, best known for her role as the Gemini Female in the RZA directed martial arts film, The Man with the Iron F ...Read more

Gender Female
Member Since February 22, 2008
Location Hong Kong
Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin

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