Grace Huang

Smoked Roe • Storm Clams • Spent Lettuce Charcoals • @CloudyBayAus #FirstOfTheSeason lunch

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Classy start @CloudyBayAus #FirstOfTheSeason lunch with head chef #JamesViles #Biota

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Wind swept @instylemag

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💗 You were perfect today Sydney 💗

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Grand finals here we come! #GoRabbitohs #GloryGlory #NRL @itsmejuliebe

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💗Love💗 Photo: Kathy Luu

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Weekend sippys @lmcantley

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Costume #drama wearing @ralphlauren, #Rochas at @netaporter, @kerryrocksjewellery and @bycharlotte_ in the current Oct issue. Photographed by Max Doyle. Styled by Peter Simon Phillips. #rt @instylemag Austalia #fashion

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Loved shooting for this Oct Issue! What an amazing team to work with @instylemag ! 💗 Out now!!! Photographed by Max Doyle. Styled by Peter Simon Phillips. Hair by Pete Lennon. Make-up by Nicole Thompson. #InStyleFashion @pepesimonphillips

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Grace Huang



Grace Huang (Chinese: 黃芝琪) is an Australian actress, best known for her role as the Gemini Female in the RZA directed martial arts film, The Man with the Iron F ...Read more

Gender Female
Traditional Chinese Name 黃芝琪
Favorite Faves Scuba Diving
Fans 1,070

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