Grace Huang

You make it hurt so gooood @98rileystgym @chris_feather #nopainnogain #noexcuses

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Proud to be together in this. #onerace #humanrace.

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Sunday balcony hangs w @kristinaagioski @romiyablog @boymoments

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Spidey for the day. Feels good to be #backintheharness

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The @waterdivineranz is a powerful story of war, love, friendship & determination. I'm still haunted by its beautiful story now. Congrats on your directorial debut @russellcrowe !

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throwback to when I was Ava Chen in #Bloodtraffick #vigilante #vampires #GoodVsEvil

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Happy Birthday to this beautiful human who is the best sister I could ever ask for and the wings beneath my wings. 💜 u lots!!!

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Crikey bikey! Fitting cupcakes for Rabs B'day @rabbitonnova

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Flamin' cupcakes & shinanigans last night. Happy Burfday @rabbitonnova !!! #sillyseason #birthdaycelebs #coolcupcakes

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Summer colors in the trailer today

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Grace Huang



Grace Huang (Chinese: 黃芝琪) is an Australian actress, best known for her role as the Gemini Female in the RZA directed martial arts film, The Man with the Iron F ...Read more

Favorite Faves Scuba Diving
Profile Views 334,074
Job Actor / Model
Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin

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