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: NEW COLORS - Py for Bag to Basics :

woot woot! sunny day! need some colors! no more hot fluffy bags! new shocking colors for Py Collection - envelop clutches and card holders! click HERE for more =) xxx g.Read more

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: Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony X Lane Crawford :

The conceptual birthplace of  Opening Ceremony is Hong Kong (weee!), while co-founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim had a vacation. When they returned to New York, they decided to open a Howard Street shop based on the aesthetic they saw overseas. Now, Leon and Lim are back to Hong Kong, collaborating with  Lane Crawford . Starting April 14 (for 1 month), Opening Ceremony will offer a "conceptual retail extension" in the Lane Crawford stores in Hong Kong and Be...Read more

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: NEW ITEM - Metallics for Bag to Basics :

Black Genuine Leather with Golden Metallic Splash Pouch (CC00002-0034)

  • size: 9 X 14cm

  • HK$180   click here for more new items =)Read more

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: Iconic Eyebrows :

this is fun... which ones do you have?

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: Shop for a cause - Kate Spade supports Japan :

Kate Spade has created a special edition "Kate Spade New York Supports Japan" Tote to contribute to the Japanese earthquake. Make purchases of this tote from 1 April 2011, all proceedings will go to Japanese Red Cross Society. Make sure you call and check for availability as they might have sold ōut =) Read more

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: Cigarettes Packaging Design :

fun cigarettes packaging here don't get me wrong... i'm NOT encouraging smoking! ...<aRead more

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: NEW ITEMS - Py for Bag to Basics :

FINALLY!!! yes, the clutches and pouches are here! First SS2011 collection - Py for Bag to Basics Click here for more Python Print Envelop Clutch (CL000001-0154)

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FINALLY! below are a couple of handmade accessories for sale... you can visit my facebook page  here for more designs. only 1pc available for each style so DO let me know asap if you are interested (just leave a message below the pic you like and i'll contact you)   clutches and bags are coming very soon!! come back and keep updating! Read more

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: Y-3 Yamamoto's Dream :

who would ever expect Yamamoto doesn't like fashion at all? his love of cutting is great enough to keep his passion in the industry... amazing check out the video here Read more

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: CAN Clean Air Art Exhbition IFC :

living in asia might mean living with a certain level of air pollution as the city size is always small (comparing with europe) and lots of motor vehicles around (well, you know how it's like with traffic jams in HK, Shanghai, and Bankok). this  Clean Air Network provides information of the actual air pollution in hk and what actions can be done to ease the situation. they have put up an art exhibition in IFC mall this week with great works from renowned ar...Read more

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February 14, 2008