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Goodwin Mok

The Union - The Business Behind Getting High

the truth.


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11 year old interview with pres Obama! Video:

11 year old Student Reporter Damon Weaver was invited to the White House to talk about education with President Obama.

a job well done by this young fella again, after all those other big interviews.

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herrow world,

havent been updating my page here that frequently...

in fact i never quite update it lol

but here is a new start.. so this years summer isnt quite the summer i wanted lol

so much school work to do and shit

SATs to revise for hoping to go to US for uni

and im here sitting in front of my laptop trying to type out 3000 words for but yehh ill start using this site properly and start getting connected with people here

lol anyways gonna post some dope shit i found on the net

KVA 2010 summer collection, dont know why its out so early but its very dope

supra ns distressed black/gold. def cop!!

g shock mgt 1000

j 11 space jam

okay back to work :( haha


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Who am I?

I am just an ordinary secondary school student with a vision to improve the lives of the people who are less fortunate. Hence the Beehive Project, a very close friend of mine and I wanted to do something meaningful during our summer break. We wanted to launch a brand that would benefit the people in need. Our first aim was to help the people affected by the Sichuan Earthquake incident, however we realised that they had excess amount of funds already so we decided to focus on rebuilding run-down schools in remote and poor areas of China. We chose Gui Zhou, China as it is one of the poorest places in China if not the poorest. Giving these students a chance of better education, as education is the key to success. Possibly map out a brighter future for them. Giving the less fortunate a chance doesn’t hurt… This is a cliché but ‘just think about how lucky you are’.

Both of us were into fashion, but we wanted to narrow our choices, therefore we chose to make jeans. Jeans are everywhere, and everyone wears them, though we wanted to make our jeans special. As a result we decided to produce exclusive selvedge denim jeans with a twist of Beehive. We will produce other clothing, accessories later contact us for any ideas!

Thank you for tuning in to this blog.

Until then... goodbye for now



'a difference in the making' - Beehive Project.

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I am currently involved in a project with a very close friend of mine. We are producing exclusive selvedge denim jeans and donating the funds to rebuild schools ...Read more

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